6 Amazing And Most Recommended Colors For Pooja Room As Per Vaastu

Top 6 Recommendations For Best Colour For Pooja Room As Per Vastu

The pooja room is the most peaceful and positive room of the house, that you can customize according to your choice. To magnify the positivity of the pooja room, you can design your pooja room with some vital Vastu shastra tips. 

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture. It can help you to design your home to attract prosperity, peace, and happiness. This ancient science offers regarding structure, directions, size and colours and so on for different parts of your house.

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Zawafi Suggested colour for Pooja Room

We are here to focus on a pooja room according to Vaastu. 

  • A Prosperous Yellow Pooja Room Colour As Per Vastu
  • Radiant Orang Vastu Colours For Pooja Room
  • White Pooja Room Ambience Brings Positively Vibes
  • A Golden Colour Theme To The Pooja Room As Per Vastu;
  • Natural Green Colour For The Pooja Room
  • Fresh Blue Colour For Pooja Room As Per Vastu

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1. A Prosperous Yellow Pooja Room Colour As Per Vastu

Yellow colour is known as happiness and prosperity colour and in its subtle shade, yellow is the perfect background wall colour for a pooja room and this colour proves it. A pooja room facing the northeast direction, mixed with the yellow colour theme can lend good energy as per Vastu shastra principles.

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2. Radiant Orang Vastu Colours For Pooja Room

Marigold flowers are the most important flower that is used on occasions and prayer sessions. The orange colour of the marigold is associated with auspiciousness. You can use orange colour in the background to give the pooja room a sacred and venerated look. It can transcend into the worship place at home. Use subtle colour enough so it does not overshadow the main pooja elements of the room and remains the religious look.

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3. White Pooja Room Ambience Brings Positively Vibes

White colour is the colour of purity and peace, according to Vastu. Both of which we aim to find in our places of worship. Marble is a reliable material and lends a peaceful vibe to your pooja room when used as a wall background. White marble is the right colour as per Vastu, which brings optimistic space. 

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4. A Golden Colour Theme To The Pooja Room As Per Vastu

If you don’t have a separate room for pooja in your home, you can set a corner or a wall reserved for the pooja room, you can choose those colours that distinguish the place of worship from the rest of the home, and is also a Vastu complaint. A shinier variant of the warm yellow, the trick with gold is to use to balance with the space. The metal cutwork design adds the right amount of bling to the space for the pooja room. 

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5. Natural Green Colour For The Pooja Room 

The green colour is not only approved by Vastu as a natural and life expression, but also a beautiful and elegant pop of colour to add to your home. It is the perfect colour for the background wall as per Vastu, you can feel one step closer to the fresh and spiritual power that your pooja room offers. 

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6. Fresh Blue Colour For Pooja Room As Per Vastu

Installation of pooja corner or set up in a common space needs some right thoughts. The colour should be such that it perfectly blends with the entire colour scheme of the areas. Light colours like blue are approved by Vastu shastra requirements. A colour like this blue can help to create a seamless effect. 

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Which Colours Should Be Avoided For Worship Area As Per Vastu?

  • According to Vastu shastra requirements, light, bright, and serene colours are the best choice for a pooja room.
  • According to the first point, it means that you should avoid dark colours that break the positivity. 
  • Black is the colour that brings darkness vibe, so should avoid the pooja room at any cost. 

The pooja room is one of the most important places where we find peace. It is the focal point in the house where all the positive energy is gathered. It is significant from a religious and spiritual point of view. Go and get a design for your pooja room.

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