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A Special Chef’s Kitchen Design-Celebrating World Food Day With Zawafi

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A Special Chef’s Kitchen Design-Celebrating World Food Day With Zawafi

According to Virginia Woolf

   “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”

Indeed! No matter what you want or do but a hungry stomach won’t let you find anything inspiring. Food is our fuel and energy that forces us to do work and without any energy, we can’t do things. If your body is craving the smell of fresh dishes and nothing else makes sense. And this has to be the most common feeling for all of us. Food is our emotion, our necessity. 

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Each year on October 16, World Food Day is celebrated to recognize the importance of food. It’s a day when we celebrate the love for food and the need for it. So on this particular day, we are here to share a story of our special client, a chef, and the interior of her home design.

Priyanka Shetty is a Mumbai-based HR executive turned chef who runs her family business, a cafe, from home. She is a housewife, a mother, and a dog parent. During the critical condition of COVID-19, she thinks to start taking orders from her home. This made her realize that she wanted her home to be more functional as per her requirements. So she started to renovate her home according to the restaurant design setup, and now her home become a restaurant cooking haven and a house built around it. 

We have Tasneem Arsiwala, the Lead Design Alchemist at Design Cafe, Mumbai, to elaborate on this unique home design. Tasneem shares her experience story and the overall design thinking. 

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First Of All, Tasneem, Can You Briefly Tell Us About The Projects And The Client? 

Sure! This project is about a designing Mumbai home for this young, cute couple who live with their two-year-old daughter and a cute little dog, Zoey. The housewife Priyanka is a work-from-home chef, and the husband is a worker in branding solutions. They are a cute and nuclear family who wanted to have a house designed as per their requirements. They want a home with a peaceful modern setup and sensibilities in the city of dreams. They want to focus on kitchen design to create a special chef’s kitchen design. 

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Can You Elaborate On The Client’s Requirements?

The house is 2BHK, a typical Mumbai space with a narrow living room area. So the family looking for an interior design that comprehends the layout of the house. They wanted a design that makes it looks spacious and more inclusive of their lifestyles. They wanted the house to feel more like a studio apartment well equipped according to Priyanka’s work from home life. So they were clear that they wanted a less typical home decor. They were interested in a modular kitchen design, as mentioned. As Priyanka is serving her cafe orders from home, she wants a homely cafe kitchen design that stays connected to the rest of the house. 

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Tell Us How Out Designer Helped The Client In Their Everyday Life

As we mentioned that Priyanka has been working from home, which means she prepares all the foodstuff in the kitchen of her home. She spend a lot of time in her kitchen, so she wanted the right and relaxing kitchen decor. She wanted her Kitchen the core part of their home design and also to keep an eye on her daughter and dog. So she wanted us to design her kitchen in such a way that its counter faces the kid and dog in the living room. In this way, she keeps an eye on the home, the kid, and the dog. 

So we opened up the kitchen layout for them and turned it into a breakfast counter cum bar table to make the kitchen more accessible. Then we positioned the TV unit on the wall so it can be easily visible from the kitchen. This setup allows her to watch cooking shows or fun shows while cooking. The open layout inclusion makes the living area bigger and better. 

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Have We Added Some New Additional Features To The Project? If you say, Yes, then What?

Here we have used sensor-based lights that make every corner of the kitchen suitably illuminated. The lights help you out easy access to the cans, dishes, etc. We give additional importance to the kitchen lighting since the client will be spending more time in the space. 

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How This Kitchen Design Is Different From Other Home Design We Have Already Designed? 

This project is different from those projects that I have already done because most people wanted to add extra storage spaces in their kitchen while this project needs some personalized design. Since storage was not their priority, they wanted a practical and purposeful space. They also wanted a decor that is according to every family member’s requirements, including the dog. They wanted their space open, minimal, simple, and accessible so that her kid and her dog can play around freely.

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Can You Please Mention Some Prominent Design Cafe Elements In This Project? 

The most prominent feature in this project is the open layout kitchen, as the client does not mention storage setup so we go with striking drawers in the kitchen cabinets. The striking drawers are designed to stack the baking trays and large serving Gary’s, etc. 

In their dry balcony, we have utilized the space to provide a janitor unit. As a chef, Priyanka needs a lot of cleaning in the kitchen after cooking. So the janitor unit helps her out in keeping the brooms, mops, washing essentials, etc, under the cabinets and provides you cleaning effect.

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Small Apartments In UAE, Have Limited Space Issues, How Do You Think Our Design Helps Family To Deal With The Space Constraint?

We are popular in space-saving design ideas. For those types of houses as well, we have used our space maximization techniques. Because of the layout and chef’s kitchen design, the house had to compromise on the regular dining room area. So we designed an extended counter to create a multifunctional vibe. With the breakfast counter, we add some seating space.

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Last Thing, Can You Tell Us About Any Challenges In This Project? If Yes, How Did You Overcome Them?

The major challenge for us is that we design it in the lockdown. Due to critical situations and travel restrictions within the city, we had to meet and discuss the house over video calls. 

So you can say that we entirely designed the apartments through video calls. We presented the client with 3D renders to explain the colour, material, etc. Even though we understand the Clint requirements and analyze everything over our virtual meets. 

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