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Amazing Interior Tips For  Small Apartments To Look Bigger

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Amazing Interior Tips For  Small Apartments To Look Bigger

Most of the UAE people live in small apartments and they face a lot of spacious issues every day. It’s very hard to set all the things or furniture in a small apartment on a cluttered freeway. 

When we talk to one of our interior design experts, Sneha Kadam, Studio Manager, Design Café, she explained the problems with small apartments and how to deal with them through our best hacks.

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Best Hacks for Smaller Apartments From Zawafi

While discussing the design tips for small less-spacious homes, Sneha said; “God Is In The Details”, that is the thing because the UAE lifestyle made space constraints and apartments and homes need to be designed more creatively with space-saving details. We all know that a simple detail can change the whole look of your décor like a mirror wall panel can make space look bigger even in a small apartment. And choosing the right mix of textures, colours, and patterns is a great choice for small apartments.

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She shared some amazing and quick tips for small UEA apartments. 

  • Choose modular floating furniture designs to make space
  • Use multifunctional furniture pieces 
  • Designs space with straight lines 
  • Arrange your furniture in such a way that there is enough space for free movement 
  • Choose light colours themes

Here are some unique tips that are approved by our designer for small homes or apartments. Make your room look and feel spacious. 

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1. Use A Sleek TV Unit And Multipurpose Furniture 

Do you look for small rooms tips that make your room look bigger? Simple! add multifunctional furniture sets that lend style as well as storage abilities. 

A small living room needs some intelligent interior design to look spacious with all the necessary furniture. So choose that furniture that is space-saving and multifunctional. Here in the picture, we designed a small apartment living room with a sleek TV unit that comes with open floating shelves. The TV unit utilizes the room’s wall spad without taking up much of the floor area while the open shelves are ideal for displaying articles. The TV unit features a cabinets unit with open and closed shelves to store living room essentials. In this living room, we have also used a window area that features a seating unit and drawers for storage. There are recliner couches arranged by the way and leave the centre ground for the rest of the living area. 

As you can see the living room looks spacious for unrestricted movement. We also have used the ROMs vertical space to set up a small pooja unit. We add accent wall colours that match the whole interior well. 

Use multipurpose furniture that is space-saving and provides you with a living room set up in a clutter-free manner. 

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2. Super Space Dinner Area For Small Apartments

If you want to make your room look bigger, you need to go with simple furniture sets. Most city apartments come with a living cum dining area. This means that living and dining areas are right across from each other, so you need to be careful while decorating such rooms. Go for small dining tables that don’t take up a lot of space, like folding dining tables etc. In the picture, you can see, that we have used a multipurpose foldable dining table with a wall-mounted crockery unit. Whenever needed this table can be lifted to create a spacious area. The second picture shows that a sleek rectangular wooden table with chairs and wall-mounted bench arrangements is the best example of space saving dining table. 

Stop! Avoid heavy wooden furniture like dining tables and chairs that take a lot of space. 

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3. Modular Kitchen Design With Space Saving Tips

Kitchens are the most used area of the households. They are also rooms that require large spaces, but in the new modern age, apartments come with little spaces and kitchen areas, so it is very hard to get a spacious kitchen design. Thanks to us, we have a modular kitchen design that utilises every corner of the kitchen space and creates a lot of space for other things. If you are looking for a lot of countertops space, but your kitchen is small, you can go with this parallel modular kitchen design. With countertop space on both sides, you can get an added cooking preparation area in your kitchen. You can also try out a modular cabinets system for your kitchen to get multiple storages options. 

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As you can see in the first pictures, in a small apartment kitchen we have utilised the vertical space of the kitchen with a variety of overhead cabinets both open and closed. You can also add loft shutter cabinets for extra storage purposes and lower cabinets of multiple types such as skirting drawers, oil pullouts, etc. 

As in the second picture, adding a glaring lacquer finish to the kitchens cabinet creates a mirror effect and lends a spacious look to the kitchen. 

Here are some design ideas for you from the Design Cafe Studio Manager In Mumbai, Tasneem Arsiwala, 

  • Align all your storage cut lines from the base unit to the loft units
  • Use matching colour appliances if possible,
  • Include patterned floor and dado tiles that grab the attention of the others and take away attention from the size of the kitchen
  • Use open units shelving to break the continuity of heavy units

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4. How To Make Small Bedroom looks Bigger?

Whenever goes with the bedroom decor, choose light decor and avoid heavy decor and necessary furniture. For small apartments or homes, we have gone with simple and minimal bedroom designs to create an airy and spacious sleep quarter. We have modular furniture like a wardrobe with extra storage, a wardrobe with concealed dressing units, a bed with storage drawers, etc. Due to this design, a clutter-free bedroom is ready for you. This wardrobe comes with multiple functional abilities and a lot of storage spaces. In the first picture, you can see that the bedroom decor comes with a modular wardrobe with an attached dressing mirror and loft storage. The wardrobe uses the wall space of the bedroom. The second bedroom here has a wall-length, floor to ceiling design with separate sections and acts as his and her type of wardrobe. This wardrobe has also an open section where you can fit your little one’s things separately.

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If you have a small bedroom area go with minimal decor, avoid clutter decor.

5. Neutral Colour Shades Makes Your Small Room Airy

For your small rooms, the neutral colours shades are ideal because it makes your room bigger and airy. Neutral colours like cream, beige, white, etc are the best choice for small rooms. These colours make spaces look more expensive. Use those soft colours in your living area, small bedroom, kitchen, etc. You can use a combination of neutral colours. Sometimes, you can add a pop of colours, or accent colours to break the monotony of interiors. For that option, you can use yellow, blue, and orange that can perfectly match the neutral colours. 

Avoid dark colours like black, because they make your small spaces narrow. 

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6. Tall And Light Drapes Dressing Windows Ideas

Another critical situation for small rooms is the use of the right colour curtains and drapes. We know that small apartments always come with narrow spaces, so you can make the rooms look spacious by adding tall curtains in light colours, white and beige colours are best. Thick and dark colours curtains and drapes can make a heavy and dark look in the rooms. While a lighter tone adds an airy and free look. You can use the tall floor to ceiling light curtains in the living room or bedroom that will make your rooms look taller and wider. In the picture, we have used a neutral colour scheme with tall, thin and lighter colour curtains that add spaciousness.

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7. Decorate The Ceiling For Your Small Room

As small rooms are narrow and need minimal decor. But that does not mean your interior cannot have some drama. You can add some embellishment through some gorgeous ceiling work. If your apartment has tall rooms, you can utilize the height of the room to add some ceiling decor, like some suspended lights. This adds a cool vibe to your place without affecting your floor area. Adding ceiling lights that lend a brighter look to your room. Choose ceiling lights or frames to enhance the ceiling area. 

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8. Add Sleek Thin Legs Sofa To Your Room to Look Spacious 

This hack will make your living room bigger if you are looking for some amazing design. Use furniture that is sleek and ideal for small spaces. This amazing and traditional high arm sofa that looks sleek and clean can change your living room look. The sofas thing legs further add a visual spaciousness. So go for wooden furniture with low height or thin legs to add spaciousness to your living room. 

There you are, these are our expert designs for small spaces and for small apartments that bring a visual effect while saving your area spaces for further use. 

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