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Amazing Wardrobe Designs fit Your Home

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Amazing Wardrobe Designs fit Your Home

A modern wardrobe is not only a functional piece of furniture in the bedroom. We all know that they help us to keep our stuff and accessories in an organized way, but this personal space needs some decor perspective. However, the type of wardrobe design you choose is not as simple as you think. Let’s go and read some different types of wardrobe that you can choose.

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Different Types Of Bedroom Wardrobes Suggested by Zawafi?

Some factors determine the types of bedrooms you choose. These are

  • Bedroom Layout; the bedroom layout and total space available(the height, width, and depth of the wardrobe) 
  • Wardrobe Layout; the wardrobes interior layout(number of drawers, hanging rods, etc) and exterior layout (number of doors)
  • Structure Of Wardrobe; the wardrobe structure(freestanding wardrobe, built-in-wardrobe, wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling wardrobe)
  • Personal Style; your personal style wardrobe choices (wardrobe with mirror, wardrobe with attached study table/make-up corners, etc)
  • Material Type; type of wardrobe material (solid wood, veneer, MDF, transparent/ frosted glass, laminate, plywood) 
  • Door Opening Setup; kind of door opening mechanism (swing door, no door, shutter door, sliding door, folding door) 
  • Storage Item; the number of items and the types of articles that you want to store
  • Budget; your buying budget
  • Storage Capacity; load-bearing and storage capacity

Here are our popular types of wardrobes for the bedroom, go and get inspired. 

  • Stunning Angular Wooden Wardrobe
  • Concealed Wardrobe Design
  • Customized Two Door Wardrobe Design
  • Freestanding Wardrobe Design
  • Laminate Wardrobe With Trendy Touch
  • Walk-In-Wardrobe For Extra Space
  • Wide Sliding Doors Wardrobe Design

1. Stunning Angular Wooden Wardrobe

This modern angular wooden wardrobe looks quite stunning with its walnut finish. If you are looking for a big storage capacity wardrobe with multiple compartments and versatile drawers to store your wardrobe essentials. This design is perfect for you. You will be able to access everything that you need easily without digging through the piles. This wooden design also acts as a smart partition between the bedroom and the dressing corners. 

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2. Concealed Wardrobe Design 

This concealed wardrobe is a super space saver unit that is built into the wall and remains hidden when the doors are closed as a part of the TV showcase. The colour of the wardrobe perfectly blends with the light grey walls of the room. It creates a soft and sleek look to the entire decor. The wardrobe doors are hinged and swing open at a 90-degree angle. It provides spot personal items conveniently. With the help of this design, you can gain a full view of the wardrobe’s interiors. 

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3. Customized Two Door Wardrobe Design

This two-door wardrobe makes a luxury vibe into the bedroom.  The classic black and white-themed bedroom create a bold statement. It comes with a freestanding wardrobe with clear glass doors, and vertical storage units(drawers/shelves) attached on both ends making it a single furniture piece in your bedroom and acting as a focal point of the decor. The provision of light within the wardrobe brings a vintage effect and makes it easier for your to search for your clothes or things when the bedroom lights dim or off at night. 

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4. Freestanding Wardrobe Design 

This wardrobe design came with a partition setup to differentiate between his and hers. This design feature two separate glass door wardrobes. You can use both sides for different purposes as you can use one wardrobe to organize clothes, jewellery, shoes, and accessories and the other one to store bed sheets, pillows, quilts, etc. The empty middle space between wardrobes can be set up with a dressing table area. The glass door reflects lights thus making the room bigger and brighter. 

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5. Laminate Wardrobe With Trendy Touch

A laminate wardrobe is the most popular wardrobe design these days. They are made from solid wood and possess more strength and protection as compared to hardwoods and are environment-friendly. There are different types of laminates for the wardrobe like decorative laminates (usage-based), matt-finish and glossy finish laminates(surface finish-based), and high-pressure and low-pressure laminated.

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6. Walk-In-Wardrobe For Extra Space

If you have a large space option and you want a big wardrobe design for your home and also a big budget to spare, this walk-in wardrobe will be the ideal choice for you. Its features are open cabinets and closed cabinets with transparent sliding doors. The sliding feature helps you don not take up much room in front of them. The question arises in our mind after reading about this design! What Type Of Wood Is Best For A Wardrobe Like This? It is BWP plywood as it is durable and moisture resistant and stronger. 

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7. Wide Sliding Doors Wardrobe Design

This wide wardrobe with sliding doors is a modern step taking on the classic and traditional hinge-door wardrobes. You can go with any number of sliding doors maybe 2 or 4 depending on the width of the wardrobes. You can customize the wardrobe’s interiors according to your space and choice. A walk-in wardrobe gives you extra space in the main bedroom for other decoration items or furniture items. 

We hope that this blog post will help you a lot and provide you with a good amount of knowledge about the types of wardrobes you can adorn in your bedroom. Contact us if you have any questions about this blog post. 

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