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Ultimate Designer Bedroom Design Ideas For your Home

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Ultimate Designer Bedroom Design Ideas For your Home

Designer bedrooms are the ones which are mostly classic and luxurious, designed by branded designers for premier consumers. 

A designer bedroom is the core centre of attraction in a house. It has to function both as a practical space and a decorative area. All the elements in a designer bedroom like the flooring, wall, furniture and decors need to be perfect in theme and have to enhance the quality of the interiors thoroughly. Such designs are always capable of mesmerising the viewers. In this blog let’s explore such great outlooks for the designer bedrooms of your house.

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5 Gorgeous Outlooks for Designer Bedrooms

You don’t have to compromise every time with an expensive plan for a designer bedroom. You can go for budget-friendly designs too.

Here are some affordable and gorgeous bedroom decor ideas for a designer look:

  • Wooden Accent Wall
  • Black-Bold And White Theme
  • Blue Luxury
  • Grey And White Theme
  • Contrast Colour Theme

1. Wooden Accent Wall

Herringbone pattern lends a traditional look to your bedroom. The herringbone pattern is the pattern which resembles a herringbone. Herringbone is the bone of herring fish which possess a pattern of many rectangles arranged in a special way. It is used in floor and wall tiling. It can be applied in wood for building stunning walls. The design is fit for you if you are a lover of simple designer concepts.

A mirror panel on the walls can add more elegance to the room. The mirror reflects the light and makes the room look larger. The grey floor mat, pastel-brown upholstered headboards and the whole elegant look of the room pair with the pendant light. The pendant light elevates the overall charm of the room. This whole look together creates a minimal look in the bedroom.

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2. Black-Bold And White Theme

A black and white theme is adoptable for you if you look for a modern design. Here, the black headboard (the vertical panel located at the head of a bed) touches the wall behind it and the wall is decorated with white and grey wallpapers to enhance the view of the black headboard. The white wall cupboard acts as storage. The floor is built with white marbles and grey mat. A modern painting in black and white concept can add to the glamour of the bedroom. The whole balanced look can boost the aesthetics of the room.

The Black and white theme is a classic beauty and is trending in the latest interior design ideas.

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3. Blue Luxury

Blue Luxury design is a refreshing idea in which a royal blue colour is given to the bedroom wall. It can surely refresh you if you are a blue lover. A cosy white bed with lustrous blue bed sheets, a designer table lamp, a white cupboard and a pendant light can become a flawless blend for your master bedroom. Blue is a cooling colour and a visual treat for the eyes. It always gives a luxury look to the master bedroom of your house. Creating a blue ambience in your master bedroom will look amazing if you go for it.

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4. Grey And White Theme

A Grey and White Theme is a great option for your designer bedroom. This design consists of a low platform bed with a white comfortable linen bed sheet. A large metallic world map on the white feature wall (the wall whose interior looks varied from other walls of a room) will look stunning in the master bedroom. Walls other than the feature wall are given a grey shade. A pair of pendant lights on each side of the bed will boost the design. The bright-blue pouffe (rounded cushion seat) gives a fresh look to the room. The grey wall opposite the feature wall pictures an artwork of the city landscape which is spotlighted by the track lights above.

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5. Contrast Colour Theme

A contrast-colour theme comprises three different colours in a bedroom. In this designer bedroom idea, the feature wall consists of a blue-grey-white colour combination with silky black frames or shelves on it. The white floating shelves on either side of the bed also act as bedside tables. A large blue mat on the floor makes the area more comfortable. Walls other than the feature wall can be given a grey colour. A large pendant light in the centre of the room can make it more classic.

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Wrapping Up

Designer bedrooms are the one which is fit for those who are looking for a luxury bedroom design. It is embellished with eye-catching decors and equipped with classic furniture or metals. If you are seeking such a luxurious and marvellous design, you can successfully choose one from this variety of ideas. So, just go ahead with your plan of creating a designer bedroom in your house or resort.

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