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6 Chic and Unique Bedroom Storage Bench Ideas And Designs

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6 Chic and Unique Bedroom Storage Bench Ideas And Designs

A bedroom storage bench changes the look of your bedroom. It adds the style of perfection and up your bedroom utility. It is useful to add the bedroom storage bench at the end of your bed or near the windows because it puts extra seating and storage space in those spots of your bedroom that would otherwise be unused.  

That storage bench plays a major role in bedroom decorations, providing you space for knick-knacks storage and an additional seating area. You can store almost anything from books to curtains, pillows, and blankets. I am going to tell you some amazing things, which you need to remind while setups those storage benches.  

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What Should Be The Perfect Size Of Your Bedroom Storage Bench?  

  • Those benches, which are placed at the end of bedrooms, length ranges should be 80 to 90% shorter than your bed. If the benches are longer than a bed, it looks like a piece of furniture, not a part of a bed.
  • If you plan to place your bench by the window, you can take a bench compared with the length of the window.

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What Are The Different Storage Ideas For A Bedroom Storage Bench Seat?

The major popular and most useable options for a bedroom storage seat are:

  • Open shelves
  • Drawers 
  • Shutters 
  • Lift-up storages
  • Combination storage of both open and closed 

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 What Should Be the Depth Of The Seater? 

The depth of the seater should be 450mm for drawers and 300mm for shutters and lift, depending upon the storage you choose.   

Now we need to take a look at some ideas or designs, which can help you to make your bench storage a trending level. 

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Top Bedroom Bench Ideas for storing From Zawafi

Here are the 6 Chic and Unique Bedroom Storage Bench Ideas And Designs from Zawafi :

1.  An Upholstered Bedroom Storage Bench Addition To Your Bedroom Interior

Upholstered furniture can enhance a simple look into a 5-star look and feel. This bench comes with a feature of a lift-up style of storage. This bench contains a leather-upholstered cushion. The leather lends a luxurious look, and also provides huge storage space. To add a more glamorous look, you can put a LED-lit setup with wooden panelling, spotlights, and marble flooring. Those all setups provide a warm tone to your bedroom.

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2.  Addition of a warmth wooden storage bench to the interior of the bedroom         

If you are looking for an old type of charm for your bedroom, then I think you would like this wooden type of storage bench. The wooden bench with the wooden bed combination gives a classic look to your bedroom. You can decorate the bench with heavy cushioning on the wooden bench making it a comfortable seating option, while the beneath chest drawers provide space to keep clutter away from sight. 

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3. A Comfortable Bedroom Storage Bench Beside The Windows

When you came to your bedroom, with a cup of tea and a seat on the bench placed beside the window, do you think how relaxing is that? I agree with you. Because this is the best way to utilize the blind spot of your bedroom in the best possible way. When you add some cushions, then it may change into a more comfortable vibe. You can use the beneath storage for the storage of products like books or other knick-knacks.   

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4. A Bedroom Storage Bench With More Than One Storage Options   

 This type of storage design is best for kids’ rooms with high storage bench options. Small kids’ rooms can be changed into large storage ideas to puts their toys, and books into them. It also allows your kid to take a break from their studies and refresh their mind within the room. Generally, the attached study table, cupboards with open shelves, the cot, and a window-side storage bench add perfection to the kids and make this room a haven for them.      

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5. A Modern White Lift-Up Bedroom Storage Bench 

A white colour storage bench is looking very unique within the bedrooms and adds some comfortable cushioning to increase the beauty of the bedroom. But if we added a lift-up storage bench, then the room elegant level up again. The white walls with white storage bench and with white flooring create a perfectly stunning look to your bedroom. you can also use some simple accessories like candles, table lamps, and indoor plants to add aesthetics to the space.   

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6. A Small Shoe Rack Style Storage Bench Ideas For Bedroom

If you are looking for a small and smart bed bench idea, for a small bedroom, this style is for you. This design is very compact and opens up into a petit shoe rack where you can keep your bedroom slippers. The design is useful for small spaces rooms. We have also added a wardrobe of drawers and shelves for your easiest, so you can put your clothes and other essentials. You can make your room brighter and bigger by adding some muted colours on the wall and sheer curtains. 

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