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Color Selection For Hall As Per Vaastu

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Color Selection For Hall As Per Vaastu

Your hall is the main entrance of your home and it is the first thing that your guests lay eyes on when they step in, so the hall act as a face for your home decor. Therefore you need to decorate your hall in such a way that it will grab the attention of visitors. 

We suggest you add, the colour elements of Vastu and you’ll get benefits from its long term in terms of good health, successful career, prosperity, and relationships as well. 

A hallway is always a functional space as it is a room connector and an extra display area. This is a place that you convert into a home office or a mini-library. Here we have brought a few guides that can help you effectively design your hall’s interiors. 

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Which Colour Paint Is The Best As Per Vastu? 

According to Vastu Shastra, each corner or direction possess specific colours that are attached to it and each colour has its own mental and physical benefits for its homeowners. A general tip that you should avoid for your hall is dark colours because dark colours make your home smaller and give it a muted feel.

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According to directions, colours are listed here as per Vastu; 

  • North; Light Green, Green 
  • East;   Light Blue, White
  • West;  White, Blue
  • South; Yellow, Light Red
  • North-East;  Light Blue( Ideal Direction For Hall)
  • North-West;  White, Light Grey, Cream(Ideal Direction For Hall)
  • South-East;  Silver, Light Pink, Light Orange
  • South-West;  Light Brown, Beige, Cream, Peach, Mud Colour

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According To Colours Suggested by Zawafi As Per Vastu; 

  • Green;  Green is the colour of healing, creation, nature, growth, and prosperity ideal one for the hall or living room combo. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety as it mimics natural elements and is also soothing.

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  • White; White colour is known as pure colour, with a sense of cleanliness, privacy, and simplicity. It also represents intimacy and freshness, the perfect choice for the hall that is a hub of conversation and social gathering. 
  • Light Red;  Light red signifies comfort, energy, actions, warmth, and vibrant. It makes your hall look bold and represents passion as makes the occupant feel more energised. 
  • Yellow; Yellow is known as the colour of power, purity, communication, self-esteem, and optimism. It is recommended for those going through a tough time and brings a bright and fun vibe into your hall.

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  • Blue; Blue signifies emotion, beauty, ad truth. It gives a calm and pleasing vibe to your hall. It also helps in healing anxiety and pain and gives you beachy vibes. It is the perfect choice for the hall.
  • Light Brown;  Light brown is the most common colour used for the hall. It adds a splash of elegance and sophistication to the hall. It signifies wisdom, comfort, stability in life and inner peace. 
  • Beige;  it acts as a perfect backdrop for your elegant and colourful home decor. It brings positivity and relaxation into the hall and signifies stability and warmth. 

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That’s all here, we hope that this blog will help you a lot with some useful information on colours that are best suited for your hall. So hurry up, select your colour according to your home direction and place it to bring some extra vibe to your hall.

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