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Cosy Multifunctional Small Apartment Ideas

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Cosy Multifunctional Small Apartment Ideas

Many homeowners are always confused between a 1 BHK apartment and a studio apartment and treat them as the same and use them interchangeably. However, there is a small difference between them. 

A 1 BHK apartment features a single bedroom, hall area, bathroom, and kitchen, but each of these spaces acts as a separate unit demarcated by walls. While, a studio apartment is a ‘self-contained’ unit with a single large room that is a combination of a bedroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Studio apartments are trendy worldwide. It is flexible and practical. If some homeowners don’t want a larger space but want a spacious look. It is important to remind that the price of a studio apartment will also differ based on its demand, location, developer brand, connectivity, and other factors.

A studio apartment is compact and highly affordable for those people who live alone or single working professionals. They also require low maintenance and generate lower electricity bills. However, despite the benefits, there are some disadvantages to studio apartments. Such as the space is limited, which negatively impacts your privacy when guests come over. Also, they need some additional storage space, which allows you to choose multifunctional and space-saving solutions, and they are not suitable for big families. 

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Tips Suggested by Zawafi To Maximize The Space in Apartments

Maximize Space In Small Apartments By:

  • Choose a light colour palette (beige, whites) that gives more depth and makes it appear visually larger. 
  • Using tall drapes and avoiding mini sheer curtains that bring an illusion to the vertical space in the apartment. 
  • To make your apartments feel airy, less cluttered, and more organized goes with the concept of ‘levels’ 
  • Add multi functionally and closed storage solutions 
  • Using folding furniture and couches, box beds, coffee table, and ottomans to increase storage space. 
  • Add rugs/carpets to your rooms that define each specific area/zone in the room.
  • Place a large mirror on one of your walls that reflects the light around the home and makes it feel more spacious. 
  • Use floating nightstands for floor clearing purposes and shelves to avoid accidental falls, etc. 
  • Wall lights and sconces such as lighting fixtures are a perfect choice for studio rooms and avoid using floor lamps. 

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Make Your Space Look Cosy With Zawafi:

  • To segregate different spaces Use a glass/wooden screen or partition curtains without feeling claustrophobic.
  • Sliding doors are a perfect balance of privacy and elegance, and bring the right amount of natural sunlight into your room. 
  • To bring a bright and cosy look, use flush mount lights or pendants in your living space.  
  • Avoiding keeping less or no space between various furniture pieces, it will make your room look cramped. 
  • Use a large warm colour palette and a brightly coloured rug that fits with your furniture. 
  • Use decor pieces/cushions that lend a cohesive effect to your apartment’s decor. 
  • Add a ceiling-high bookshelf that acts as a partition wall whenever you need it for your privacy.
  • Choose small furniture pieces so that easily fit in corner spaces like corner couches, and side tables. 

Now, let’s go and reveal the most inspiring cosy small apartment ideas. We’re sure you’ll love them all. 

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1. Small Cozy Apartment Bedroom And Living Room

This small cosy apartment has a combined bedroom and living area decorated with light grey and white interiors. The lift-up bed possess built-in space storage that helps you keep clothing essentials and other related stuff. The two bedside tables with drawers that accommodate two-night lights, make it easier for you to read at night. The addition of a two-seater couch not only enhances the spacious look but also doubles up as an extra sleeping space.

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2. Small Cozy Apartment Bedroom And Study Room

This small cosy apartment space features a bedroom and a study area. Here we use three colours (white, light grey and brown) to get a textured and incredibly rich design outcome. This will make the area feel more spacious and airy. The addition of balanced artwork, the long ceiling pendant lights, the green potted plant and a wall shelving area in the study corner blend together seamlessly and bring a vibrant look.

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3. Small Cozy Apartment Dining Area And Kitchen

This small cosy apartment features a mini kitchen, dining space and living room in an open-plan layout. The glass partition forms a visual barrier between the kitchen and the living room while the dining table set helps you demarcate the zones without even seeming like it. The large window gives you an illusion of more vertical space in the home.

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4. Small Cozy Apartment Living Room

This design is for a small apartment living room that comes with natural wood flooring, and white and light grey-themed furniture. Here the living area has been demarcated into various sections and every section is used efficiently. We choose wall shelving that runs along the wall on the side. We add floor lamps that serve as a task light for the living area whenever needed. The window side has a bench set up with a cushion, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea or a reading book during pleasant weather.

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5. Small Cozy Apartment With Loft Bed And Storage Space Under Staircase

The small cosy loft apartment in a white theme makes the space look light. Here the vertical space has been smartly used and accommodated the loft bed on a higher level than the floor. We used the space beneath the staircase leading up to your bedroom to fit in your mini kitchen and built-in storage solutions. On the other side, place some rattan chairs and the dining table that lend colour and warmth to this serene space.

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We hope that you enjoying these cosy small studio apartment ideas and have inspired you to take a step for your home.  So, let’s go ahead and try these amazing ideas to transform your home’s exciting look into a cosy and vibrant home.

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