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Decoration Ideas For Karthigai Deepam At Home

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Decoration Ideas For Karthigai Deepam At Home

Celebrated on the auspicious full moon day in the month of Kartika, a symbolic festival of lights is celebrated as a traditional festival. It is the festival of lights, this is the day when Tamilians from all around the world light up their homes with lamps, flowers, and Kolam. While oil lamps are an essential part of most Hindu festivals, it is an indispensable part of karthigai Deepam. It is a festival of beliefs that these festive lights protect the house from evil energy and bring prosperity and joy. 

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Best Karthigai Deepam Decoration Ideas From Zawafi

This festival also has a close connection with Bhai Dooj or Raksha Bandhan. It is a celebration of the bond between sisters and brothers. At this time of the year, the sisters take up fast all day for their brother and pray for their long life and well-being by lighting diyas. This time entire community or state comes together to celebrate the festival of lights. The whole community sparkles in the lamplight lit in all houses to spread the cultural warmth and to push away the darkness from their lives. 

We bring you some simple and breathtaking decoration ideas and they are :

  • A Kolam Wallpaper, Oil Lamps, And Fairy Lights Decoration For Karthigai Deepam Festival
  • Wooden Furniture, Swing, And Some Clay Lamps To Bring Festive Spirit
  • DIY Diya Decoration Ideas
  • Mango Leaves, Oil Lamps, And Flower Decoration For Your Pooja Room
  • Bring Happiness To Your Home By Decor Entryway
  • Simple Karthigai Deepam Decoration With Modern Touch

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1. A Kolam Wallpaper, Oil Lamps, And Fairy Lights Decoration For Karthigai Deepam Festival

Kolam décor is considered important in any Tamil household. The floral patterned painting on the floor with rice flour paste brings positive energy to the space. In addition to making an intricate Kolam at the entryway, you can use it to accentuate your living room walls. A Kolam wall thicker addition brings a traditional look and enhances it to the next level. You can also add some fresh flower garland, oil lamps, and hanging lamps to add to the spirit of this festival of lights. 

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2. Wooden Furniture, Swing, And Some Clay Lamps To Bring Festive Spirit 

Do you want a traditional look into your decoration without giving up on the recent trends? We have blended the vintage and modern elements perfectly for you to strike the correct balance. For a vintage vibe, we use the wooden sofa unit with cushioned seats and a traditional wooden coffee table. At the same time, the intricate wall piece and royal lighting wall sconces bring in a trendy statement. You can add a traditional swing and decorate it with some marigold garlands for additional seating space. This piece of furniture brings a new look to the decor. Place some clay and floating lamps on the coffee table around the corners to highlight that area.

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3. DIY Diya Decoration Ideas 

To create a traditional and cultural look in your setup you can go with some DIY decor as well. They are easy to clean and easy to install. Make some Diya-shaped paper cutting and origami hangers with your kids or family and attach them to the fairy lights. This lighting arrangement adds a new dimension to your decor look and brightens your Karthigai Deepam decoration. This decor idea will keep your kids busy while you finish off your festive preparations. This traditional design creates interest in our kid’s culture. 

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4. Mango Leaves, Oil Lamps, And Flower Decoration For Your Pooja Room

Mango leaves, flowers, and oil lamps are the essential part of Karthigai Deepam Pooja at home. Now you can use them to decorate your pooja room at home simply and elegantly. First, you need to clean your pooja room and use some mango leaf toran and flowers to decorate the entrance door. Make a small rangoli on the entrance and place some like lamps around it and create a festive look. You can also place two hanging brass hanging diyas to enhance the beauty of the space. Also, hang some Thanjavur paintings on your living room wall to lend a temple theme.

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5. Bring Happiness To Your Home By Decor Entryway 

A decorous entryway makes the perfect mood for the entire home. You can decorate it with floral rangoli, a kolam, and oil lamps to bring a welcoming mood in front of the door. You can decorate the top of your foyr unit with flowers, small decor items, and candles to jazz up the whole decor. Also, try some hanging light strings and flowers to stitch the look together.

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6. Simple Karthigai Deepam Decoration With Modern Touch

If you are too busy and there is no time for the whole decoration you can go with some minimal decor to bring a festive look. We have a perfect hack to infuse a traditional vibe into your modern home setup. Decorate your smart space-saving unit with some fresh flowers garlands like in the image. You can also add an ethnic-themed wallpaper for a quick and beautiful makeover. Place some diyas around low-lying cabinets and some around the fairy lights. This design enhances the modern look to a traditional one and creates a perfect festive look in your home. 

We hope you enjoyed reading them and try to use them in your Karthigai Deepam decoration. 

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