Durga Puja Decor Ideas That Bring Auspicious Touch To The Home

Durga Puja Decor Ideas To Bring An Auspicious Vibe To Your Space

Durga puja is one of the important Hindu festivals in eastern India, especially in Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and Bihar. This festival is all about new clothes, home decorations, colourful candles, and endless sweets. The blue autumn sky with fluffy floating clouds, the white kans grass field, the beautiful morning dew, the melodies soundtracks collectively announces the arriving news of Ma, Durga’s. The entire year we all wait to enjoy these five days of frustration with friends and family. 

With time, for better education or job prospects, we might move cities or countries but for these festivals, everyone tries to get back home or country and enjoy Durga puja with friends and family. 

But the recent situation changed everything, so we bring some thoughtful ideas for Durga puja decor at home. So you can enjoy the festival with family and friends while indoors. 

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Decoration Tips for Celebrating Durga Puja From Zawafi

These home decor ideas are also excellent for those who stay miles away from their hometown

  • Decorate Entryway To Bring Attention With Durga Puja Pandal Decoration
  • Decor Your Dining Hall With Some Durga Puja Special Decor
  • Add A Bangali Touch To The Bedroom-This Durga Puja
  • An Auspicious Vibe Addition To Your Home With A Pooja Room
  • Durga Festive Decor To Your Balcony

1. Decorate Entryway To Bring Attention With Durga Puja Pandal Decoration

The entryway set a welcoming vibe to the Puja decoration and corrects the tone for your entire home. It makes your home look clean and beautiful. The Durga Puja theme wall art and two traditional walls hanging on either side, popularly called ‘Chand Mala’, become active as a focal point of your entryway. It is an attractive set-up to catch the attention of your guests. This idea is unique and highlights the traditions of the Durga Puja. You can also make beautiful rangoli on the floor and place a lamp in the centre to bring a welcoming vibe. Use the top of your foyer unit to put some lamps, flowers, and other decor items to bring beautiful affection to your foyer area. Use some fresh flowers and fairy lights to bring in the positive vibration of the Durga Puja.

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2. Decor Your Dining Hall With Some Durga Puja Special Decor

Durga puja’s grand sumptuous meal is an important occasion, be it the special ‘bhog’ and a variety of sweets like Sandesh, rasgullas and much more. For a festive touch to your dining hall, you can get a new dining table or decorate the existing one with some handloom cotton table runners. Bring out your favourite crockery set for your guests and add a Durga eye wallpaper to add a contemporary feel to your festive decor. The Trinayan theme wallpaper symbolises strength and brings a real Durga Puja essence. Add some terracotta showpieces to highlight our rich culture through your Durga Puja home decoration. 

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3. Add A Bangali Touch To The Bedroom-This Durga Puja

We always forgot about bedrooms while decorating our living area during festivals. Here we bring you some DIY Durga Puja decorations ideas that bring a festive look to the bedroom decor. Red and white are the perfect colour theme for Durga Puja, so let’s go incorporated them into your Durga Puja decor ideas for your home. You can turn some of your traditional Bengali Jamdani saree into a beautiful curtain and a red and white bed sheet and pillow that perfectly match the theme. Place some kans grass on a tall vase and place it on your side table to bring in the authentic festive vibe. A traditional Bengali hand fan and a macrame hanger addition bring an upbeat vibration to the wall. Decorate the side bench with hidden storage with some Durga motif pillow covers to highlight this stylish and functional piece of furniture.

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4. An Auspicious Vibe Addition To Your Home With A Pooja Room

That moment when you participated in Anjali,  Sandhi puja, or Durga baran, in sandals, we know that you missing this moment. Due to a critical situation, it’s not possible to enjoy those same moments, but we bring some ideas that can create A similar vibe in your own little way in the comfort of your home. You can place a Durga idol or photograph in your pooja room, and decorate the room with hanging flowers and lanterns. Put two Kalash with mango leaves and coconut at the entrance of your pooja room and a white rangoli on the floor. Rangoli are considered a sign of a positive vibe and keep away all the negativity from your family. You Cal also add a Durga photo to your living room. These decor ideas bring a festive charm to your home interior. 

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5. Durga Festive Decor To Your Balcony 

Durga puja is a festival where old friends catch up, pandal hopping the whole night and chill with the family. This year might be staying away because of the pandemic, but this decor should not stop you from enjoying the Durga Puja ‘adda’. So we have a unique Durga Puja decor idea to lighten up your balcony. Decorate the accent wall of your balcony with the Durga mural. Add some fresh flowers garlands to the walls and railings to create a pleasant aroma vibe and pop of colour on your balcony. Place a rattan sofa, a coffee table and a bookshelf with seaters where you can enjoy yourself with your friends with some refreshment and music. 

We hope that this decor idea brings a smile to your face and after reading this you want to revamp your home this festive season. This idea will bring a Durga Puja vibe to your home. 

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