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Amazing Decoration Ideas For Ganesh Chaturthi At Home

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Amazing Decoration Ideas For Ganesh Chaturthi At Home

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-day-long celebration of Ganpati Utsav. Chaturthi is the renowned Hindu festival marking the birth of the Elephant-headed deity Ganesh, the god of prosperity and wisdom. At the start of the festival, idols of Ganesh are placed in the home or outdoor tents for worship. 

After beautifully decorated idols in the Pooja room, the people worshipped Lord Ganesh everywhere for these 10 days. It is a great opportunity to decorate your mandap for Ganpati at home by using lights, flowers, and all things glitter.

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    A Few Things Practices To Follow

  • Deep clean your home a day before the festival 
  • Place your idol on the northeast side of your home
  • Add some banana leaves to your door
  • Make sure you get an ideal clay idol for your home 
  • Keep the Modaks and laddoos ready. 

Today we are gonna show you some beautiful decorations for your home to ensure a grand welcome for the amazing and much-awaited annual guest of India.

Here are the ideas to decorate Ganesh Chaturthi At Home from Zawafi:

  • Flower And Fruit Decoration FOR Ganpathi Mandap
  • LED Lights Ganpati Décor At Home
  • Choose The Best Theme For Ganpati Mandap Decoration
  • Origami Décor Ganpati Mandap
  • Simple And Elegant Ganpati Decoration At Home
  • Decorate Ganpati Pandab With Curtains or Dupatta

1.  Flower And Fruit Decoration FOR Ganpathi Mandap

We can say that a Pooja is incomplete without flowers or fruits because the flowers are the main thing for Pooja and enhance the beauty of Pooja and pandap. 

With the best choice of colour them, you can décor your Pooja decoration at home. The right colour, size, and placement of flowers, and fruits play an important role in brightening your Ganpati mandap decorations.

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2.  LED Lights Ganpati Décor At Home    

LED lights décor is the best option to brighten your mandap. There are different types of LED lights available in the market. We suggest you choose a bright colour to use for your decoration. So LED lights can enhance your Pooja decoration to the next level and create a magical look. 

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3. Choose The Best Theme For Ganpati Mandap Decoration

In today’s life, one look theme is so popular for every celebration, we suggest you choose a theme for your Ganpati festival too. Take a notebook and add those items and materials, which you will require to achieve the look. If you have a theme such as ‘eco-friendly’ this year then go ahead with it. Ensure that you pick the easy theme for your home so it can easily be arranged in your home.

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4. Origami Décor Ganpati Mandap

If you are an artist from the inside and craft stunning designs now it’s time to decorate your mandap with your skills. With the help of Origami or folding papers, you can make some really simple decorations like swans, butterflies, and umbrellas. Make a bunch of designs and paste them into the wall, or stick them on a piece of cloth. You can also choose different colours of folding papers to make those designs, to enhance the whole look.  

You can try these designs with your kids and spend time with each other to create a bond with them because kids like those DIY ideas and decorate your mandap this year with your family.

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5. Simple And Elegant Ganpati Decoration At Home    

Also, ready-made decoration is available in the market for those who are not creative. Makhars or tiny mandap-shaped pandals decorated with flowers and with thermocoal sheets are very easy to install. You can further decorate it with LED lights, fairy lights, or spotlights to create a sparkling effect. This setup provides an excellent backdrop for your idol of Lord Ganesha. With the help of this setup, you can make your idol of Lord Ganesha the focal point of your home.       

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6. Decorate Ganpati Pandab With Curtains or Dupatta

Decorate the walls of Pooja place by hanging bright colour curtains, dupattas or sarees to liven the place. It is good to use a green and yellow theme for home decoration on Ganesh Chaturthi.

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