Amazing And Smart Grey Kitchen Design For A Functional Kitchen

Smart Grey Kitchen Design Ideas For A Functional Home

When it comes to kitchen design, grey is often overlooked. However, this versatile colour can be used in a variety of ways to create a stylish and functional kitchen. In this blog post, we will show you some amazing and smart grey kitchen designs that will inspire you to rethink your own kitchen!

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A Functional Design For Kitchen From Zawafi

So here are some DIY grey kitchen ideas, which blend our traditional design with modern trends. You can also go with a combination along with some trendy ideas. 

Here are the Trendy Kitchen Designs :

  • A Trendy Kitchen With Multiple Shades Of Grey
  • A Stunning Grey Kitchen Ideas With Tiles For The Backsplash
  • Try Some Dark Grey Theme For Your Kitchen
  • A Pantone Color Combination With Grey Floor Tiles Design For Kitchen
  • A Kitchen Design With Grey And Purple Color Combination
  • Try Bright And Vibrant Kitchen Designed With Green And Gray Scheme

1. A Trendy Kitchen With Multiple Shades Of Grey 

This design came with a combination of different grey colours like medium tone, and dark or lighter shades. You can go with light grey colour overhead cabinets with metal handles while choosing dark grey shades base cabinets for your kitchen. The glass shutter cabinets help you a lot to put spice bottles here, while the base cabinets help you to keep the storage things like oil pullouts etc. You can add a built-in dustbin unit under the sink and an inbuilt cutlery tray inside the drawers that help in a better-organized manner. In the picture, we used grey tiles for the backsplash and a floating shelf. This design is to please your eyes when you enter your kitchen.

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2. A Stunning Grey Kitchen Ideas With Tiles For The Backsplash     

This kitchen is designed with a lighter grey theme, perfect for big space kitchens. The addition of grey tiles for the backsplash can change the entire look of the kitchen. With this grey colour scheme, this design lends a sleek look to your kitchen. It is a clutter-free style for your kitchen with smart space-saving units like oil pullouts, spice pullouts, etc. We have added some tandem drawers to keep your kitchen well organized. You can also go with the addition of hooks on the backsplash to hang your ladles, spoons, etc. The hob and chimney (inbuilt) help keep your kitchen sparkling clean and enhance the sleek look.

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3. Try Some Dark Grey Theme For Your Kitchen  

Don’t hesitate to try some dark grey colour, if you are looking for a bold design for your home. This colour maintains the definition of your kitchen. Also elevates the aesthetic of the space. The aluminium base cabinets are water-resistant and easy to maintain. We add a black granite countertop with a match to dark grey base cabinets. The addition of white overhead cabinets and tile backsplash cut the monotony. An appliance like a microwave oven and a fridge placement plays an important role to enhance the look.   

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4. A Pantone Colour Combination With Grey Floor Tiles Design For Kitchen

A trendy type of kitchen idea is the Pantone colour scheme. The grey overhead cabinets along with the pop yellow colour create a vibrant look to the kitchen. You can also go with the addition of a geometric patterned yellow backsplash and a floral patterned wallpaper. You can also add tall two chairs to entertain the guest while preparing the meal. The basic highlight of this kitchen is the island counter with an inbuilt hob. 

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5. A Kitchen Design With Grey And Purple Colour Combination

Are you looking for some smart and ultimate designs for your kitchen? We have a perfect option for you. This kitchen scheme with a grey and purple colour combination can bring an elegant look to your kitchen.  The addition of vibrant colours cabinets creates a shiny look to your kitchen. The base and overhead cabinets provide storage spaces and provide you clutter-free cooking experience. Even though there is a small space in your apartment, you can go with this design for a luxury vibe look. This kitchen features all modern amenities like a heavy-duty chimney, an inbuilt hob, a designated space for your fridge, and cabinets with a glass front. If you want to enjoy a quick meal with friends or family, you can also add two tall chairs and a small breakfast counter. All the decorations depend upon your choice.

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6. Try a Bright And Vibrant Kitchen Designed With a Green And Gray Scheme  

If you don’t like to go with purple shades, here is another vibrant kitchen design for you. This design is a combination of grey and green themes with a bright look. This kitchen is designed with some modern storage to enhance the look. Those modern storage units are appliance garage, magic pullout, oil pullout, and drawers. The addition of frosted glass front of cabinets and LED backlights adds a unique style to your entire kitchen interior design. We also add a floral theme tiled backsplash in this kitchen and illuminated it with some LED strip light. The green and grey theme create a striking contrast.

Are you ready to apply those designs to your kitchen and add a unique and vibrant look? 

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