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8 Unique Partition Designs for Homes with Open Layouts

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8 Unique Partition Designs for Homes with Open Layouts

How you design your partition in your home with open layouts can make a huge difference to the functionality of the space, but also to the way it looks and feels. It’s really important to choose the right kind of partition, especially if you’re planning on building something custom since you don’t want it to feel like an afterthought. 

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Unique Partition Designs with Open Layouts

These eight partition designs are perfect if you want to achieve that classic-meets-modern look at home without creating too much separation between spaces.

  • Living Room Dividers
  • Simple Wall Dividers
  • Sliding Doors to Add Privacy
  • Staircase or Platform Divider
  • Use Mirrors to Extend the Space
  • Bookcases or Low Cabinets
  • Glass Walls
  • Folding Doors

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1: Living Room Dividers

If you’re looking to divide a larger living space, living room dividers are a great way to do it. Living room dividers aren’t typically designed like traditional walls, but they provide similar functions. These room partitions are often used in large open spaces, like lofts and apartments where privacy is needed but walled rooms aren’t an option. They can create an added sense of privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the open design of your home. 

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2: Simple Wall Dividers

A Small Room Divider Can Help Break Up a Large Space – If you have a large open space and are looking to use your home design to divide it up into smaller sections, adding simple dividers like these can help. While they do create barriers and separate rooms, they’re also flexible enough that they can be moved around if you decide to change how you want to use your room. In addition, there are many variations on small room dividers that you could choose from, making it easy to find one that fits both your home design and needs. Some may look like giant canvases while others might be see-through and made of glass panels; some may appear more permanent than others and can add some flair by being designed in modern or contemporary styles.

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3: Sliding Doors to Add Privacy

An easy way to create a partition in a room is to add sliding doors. The doors can be left open at all times or closed when you need privacy. While glass may seem like an obvious choice, there are many other materials that look just as nice and offer privacy from prying eyes. For example, you could use beadboard or screen instead of glass—both look great and are easy to install on your own.

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4: Staircase or Platform Divider

Staircases create an interesting way to divide a space, especially if you have a large or open living room and kitchen area. Dividing it into two areas creates both visual interest and usefulness; in such cases, each of those spaces can become defined as distinct dining and living areas. And in homes where open layouts are present throughout (i.e., not just confined to one or two rooms), staircases are always uniquely placed to serve as creative partition designs because they’re already there! If you already have a staircase on hand, consider using it creatively and utilizing one of these simple partition design ideas. Create a small platform at the top of your staircase to use as an end table.

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5: Use Mirrors to Extend the Space

This open floor plan design from Home Bunch Design features glass walls to create a partition between two different rooms in an open layout. Both spaces have different color schemes and textures. The living room is lighter and more spacious, while the dining area has warm tones and higher ceilings. The partition wall also acts as a screen where other artwork can be displayed. This works well if you want to show off your favourite pieces but don’t want them to feel too heavy or bold in a space that is primarily used for casual eating or relaxing on one side of it. Glass partitions also allow light to filter into both rooms, which can make them feel more inviting and connected than they would be without it.

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6: Bookcases or Low Cabinets

Many homes have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or low cabinets that function as partition walls. Arrange your bookcases in a thoughtful manner and you can create different rooms without closing off an entire space.

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7: Glass Walls

Installing glass walls in open-concept homes is an excellent way to make use of available space without creating a closed-off feeling. Glass partitions can be installed in any area, allowing homeowners to design around them as needed. At least one wall must remain solid when using glass, but it can be at either end of your home office area; otherwise, you’re free to install as many or as few partitions (or no partitions) as you’d like. Because they’re made of glass, these dividers allow natural light to shine through and improve your room’s overall look and feel. Whether you prefer bold, playful designs or prefer neutral shades that blend in seamlessly with other home furnishings, there are options available if you want to pursue a partition made entirely from glass panels.

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8: Folding Doors

Opening up your living space and maximizing natural light are two of the many benefits of designing a home with an open layout. However, there’s one downside to not having any walls: it leaves you vulnerable to noise from other rooms, which makes it hard to study, eat and live peacefully. To alleviate your noisy woes without building walls or soundproofing your home, install folding doors that separate rooms while creating a seamless transition between them. The only evidence of their existence is a paneled door frame on either side of your entryway—the look is clean and contemporary so you can easily find stylish but affordable folding doors online. If these aren’t what you’re looking for, keep reading for more unique partition designs.

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When you’re looking for partition designs for your home, it’s best to create a plan before choosing a specific design. Start by identifying key areas where partitions are necessary, such as an entryway or master bedroom. Use those areas as a starting point for brainstorming partitions that will separate these spaces from others in your home, and think about using simple designs that incorporate natural light and are made of durable materials such as stone and wood. These will create partitions that not only define your space but also add character to your open floor plan.

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