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Pinterest-Worthy Industrial Bedroom Designs For Your Home

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Pinterest-Worthy Industrial Bedroom Designs For Your Home

Industrial bedroom designs combine with modern and old-world charm that brings simple yet organic and a lived-in feel to create a perfect contrast. These designs started being widely accepted in the early 20th century, at the end of the second industrial revolution.

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Top New Look for Industrial Bedroom From Zawafi

Weathered woods, concrete, exposed bricks, and existing building system, are most prominently seen in this type of interior design. Fewer accessories, minimal décor, frills and fluff are essential. The best thing about an industrial-style bedroom is easily adjustable with your home set-up or décor. Clean lines, neutral colours and organic texture are the main characteristics of the industrial interior. We have bought some unique industrial design ideas that elevate your bedroom décor. 

Here are the 7 ideas for Industrial Bedroom Design from Zawafi :

  • Opposites Colors Attraction-Industrial Looking Bedroom
  • Moody Grey Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas
  • Brick Wallpaper Design For Industrial Look
  • Warm Industrial Bedroom
  • Industrial Chic Bedroom Décor
  • Uplift Your Bedroom’s Vibe With Stylish Lights
  • Accessories For Industrial Bedroom

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1. Opposites Colors Attraction-Industrial Looking Bedroom

The amazing way to get the organic industrial look is to go with opposite colours for your home décor. You can see in the picture that the bedroom has been painted in white while the furniture and furnishing are in black and grey shades. The brick exposed wall and an open shelving setup create the perfect match with the rest of the décor. A big rug creates an ideal look for the rest of the design. If you think that all these look impersonal you can add some indoor plants to bring in some splash. The fiddle leaf tree adds height and colour to the bedroom. 

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2. Moody Grey Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

This moody grey design can easily achieve by anyone. The unpainted wall act as a focal point of this bedroom. The black and white picture frames, wall sconces, and concrete side tables paired well with the rest of the space. The warm tan-coloured bed with matching soft furnishing and the chandelier add a charming effect to the space. This design can easily be adjusted in a rented apartment or your own home, you can achieve this look by quickly painting one wall with grey cement texture paint colour. Achieve this look in your bedroom and make an impression on your friends when over.  

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3. Brick Wallpaper Design For Industrial Look

These days most people use textured wallpapers to get the desired look for redoing homes. It’s the easiest way to get an industrial look. There are hundreds of brick wallpapers available in the market. In the picture below, the simple bedroom transforms into an industrial one with the addition of white-brick wallpaper. It perfectly blends with the whole white colour scheme of the room. The wooden bed, side table and wood-panelled wardrobe create contrast for this all-white room. The large sliding window can bring nature inside the room. The addition of low-hanging pendant lights brings a magical look to this industrial style. 

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4. Warm Industrial Bedroom

The warm industrial bedroom is not difficult to achieve. It can easily add to any bedroom but you need to go with soft lighting, warm colour tones in the paint, and soft furnishing. In the picture, you can see that the lighting not only brings warmth but also by using weathered-looking wood flooring, bed frame and ceiling. Add unique fans and antique pendant lights to achieve a warm industrial look in your bedroom. The whole setup is perfectly blended and creates the old-world charm in the bedroom. 

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5. Industrial Chic Bedroom Décor  

The bedroom with weathered brick wallpapers looks very beautiful. The addition of pendant lights and the wood-laminated panelled back wall and sliding doors of the wardrobe enhance the whole look. The low-hanging pendant lights create a contrast to the false ceiling. The star of this chic industrial bedroom is the decorative centrepiece on the wall behind the bed.  

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6. Uplift Your Bedroom’s Vibe With Stylish Lights

Stunning light fixtures are a unique idea for industrial bedroom design. This changed the boring bedroom into a bright one. The high ceiling in the warehouse turned home by using this light fixture. The gorgeous chandelier acts as a focal point in the bedroom and brings a sense of artwork. Due to this abstract piece, we don’t need any other artwork like picture frames etc. The window brings nature and colour to this grey and black bedroom.

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7. Accessories For Industrial Bedroom 

The neutral colour and clean lines are curses of industrial interior design. To avoid boredom and dullness, you need to add some pop of colour and different shapes into your bedroom decor. I know what we are saying is opposite to the industrial style but sometimes they go well and bring a new look. Like in the picture you can see that the yellow pouffe, the wall-mounted cycle (act as an art piece), picture frames, and amazing chairs add a charming effect to the bedroom. The look is further enhanced with standing lampshades and indoor plants that stand out beautifully and enhance the whole look of the industrial bedroom. 

Decorating a home is an art and you are the artist. If you want new looks for your bedroom then we suggest adding those industrial designs into your bedroom to get a new vibrant look. All you need are some ideas and us to bring them to life. 

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