5 Fall Interior Design Trends in 2022 that Will Take Over The Next Season!

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Incorporating these fall interior design trends into your home this season will ensure that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design and that your guests will be impressed! Here are the 5 fall interior design trends that are going to take over the next season!

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Best Interior Design Trends in 2022

Here are the 5 Interior Trends to follow in 2022:

  • Use color as a tool
  • Patterns are coming back in style
  • Vintage design is popular right now
  • Natural materials are going to be huge
  • The rustic decor will continue to grow in popularity
  • Industrial accents can add an edge

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1. Use color as a tool

With over 16 million different colors to choose from, interior designers use color as a tool in building rooms that make a big impact. It can be used to highlight focal points in a room, make walls and furniture look larger than they are, or even bring back feelings of nostalgia. But no matter what it’s used for, color is always something interior designers spend time thinking about before designing a space. Keep these trends in mind when choosing your fall palette so you can create a home that’s both on-trend and stylish.

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2. Patterns are coming back in style

Patterned carpets are looking better than ever, with designers incorporating designs that suit any style of interior. They also come in a variety of patterns to complement every interior design idea. Today’s interiors can range from traditional to modern and anything in between and now that there is such a wide variety of patterns available, even homeowners who want their home interiors to be truly unique have plenty of options. Mixing up different colors, styles, and sizes is one way to make your interior space feel dynamic but nothing beats a good pattern when it comes to adding some visual interest without being too overbearing. After all, you don’t need an overwhelming amount of colors or decorations when you have great-looking flooring on which to display them. 

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3. Vintage design is popular right now

Vintage design is a popular interior trend and has been for several years. As style trends come and go, it’s likely that we will continue to see vintage design elements pop up in homes for many more years to come. The main factor contributing to its growing popularity is that there are many styles within the vintage design, making it one of those rare trends that can be applied to almost any home or space. In fact, some studies have shown that all decorating decisions come down to personal preference anyway, so whether you like traditional modern or rustic industrial design—you’re covered with vintage.

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4. Natural materials are going to be huge

This has been trending all year, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Natural materials like wood, cotton, leather, and stone are all on-trend for fall and will help you create a look that’s organic, pure, and stylish.  It’s going to be everywhere next season. Consider buying some now so you can start working it into your decor right away. If you’re not up to replacing furniture or installing flooring yet, consider adding an accent wall. To get in on the trend before it fully takes over.

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5. The rustic decor will continue to grow in popularity

Rustic decor is an interior design trend that will never truly go out of style. Natural elements, like wood and stone, make a home feel grounded and give it an organic quality that feels welcoming. You can’t really blame us for wanting to bring some of that into our lives; they just make us feel happy and at ease. This is why rustic-themed rooms are growing in popularity year after year and we anticipate that will continue well into 2022!

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6. Industrial accents can add an edge

Look for furnishings with exposed metal and rivets. Handcrafted decor pieces give a rustic look, which is trending in interior design (and beyond). At Crate & Barrel, you’ll find everything from upholstered chairs to tables and blankets in distressed wood. Metal pots and hanging planters are another great way to bring a bit of industrial chic into your living space—perfect for adding an edge to your balcony or patio area. If you’re on a budget but still want to add an edgy feel, try hanging these items outside instead of inside. If it gets too cold or rainy for them, just move them back inside when the weather improves!

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Of course, all of these interior design trends are just forecasts and will depend on how you want to express your personality. To sum up, I think that a nice way to start decorating for fall is by focusing on what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Colors that are inspired by nature are trending and can be used anywhere from home accessories to some of your favourite recipes! Remember: Be yourself and enjoy these next few months before winter kicks in. As always, thanks for reading! This is Sofia Dacosta with Five Trends Design sharing 5 Fall Interior Design Trends That Are Going To Take Over The Next Season!

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