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6 Essential Tips for Kitchen Design in Dubai

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6 Essential Tips for Kitchen Design in Dubai

A kitchen is often the most expensive room in the house to renovate and with good reason. Kitchens have multiple uses and are used every day by the whole family so it’s important to make sure that you get your design just right so that you’re using it efficiently and getting the best out of your investment in both time and money.

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Kitchen Design Tips From Zawafi

Here are six essential tips for kitchen design in Dubai to help you get the very best out of your space:

  • Create a centrepiece
  • Create storage and display space
  • Balance contrasting colors
  • Incorporate color sparingly
  • Keep scale in mind
  • Build up, not out

1. Create a centrepiece

To make a small kitchen feel larger, you can create a kitchen centrepiece that puts all your appliances and pots and pans into one neat area. Many kitchens are tall enough to accommodate a pot rack; if yours isn’t, use wall shelves or an island to stack things. An over-the-range microwave can be tucked into a corner above your cooktop or against an adjacent wall. If you have room, add light fixtures on either side of your cooktop to make it feel like part of the dining area. This helps delineate between functional areas of your home while still making everything look cohesive.

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2. Create storage and display space

Even if you have a relatively small kitchen, there’s still room to create plenty of storage space. Organizing your cabinets and drawers allows you to easily see everything that’s inside them, which makes putting away dishes or cooking utensils an easy task. When it comes to adding display space, it’s all about keeping things low-key. Most people hang dishes on walls and shelves above their sinks. The same goes for candles and other decorative items that can serve as both decorations and reminders of your last vacation. Other kitchen storage ideas include a bench with hooks below or a corner organizer that keeps your pots, pans, cooking utensils, or food wrapped up nice and neat.

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3. Balance contrasting colors

As with any design project, color choice is crucial when it comes to kitchen design. Do you want a bright space that screams I’m here to party? Then consider painting your walls and cabinets in complementary colors. Or are you drawn to more serene, calming spaces? Then go for neutrals with hints of deeper shades. Either way, make sure you balance contrasting colors throughout—or use one color (like red) as an accent piece that pops against all-white walls and cabinets. Use what interests you most as inspiration to create a kitchen renovation design that will be uniquely yours.

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4. Incorporate color sparingly

When you’re short on space, it can be tempting to use color as a design element; after all, painting an accent wall is a great way to break up a huge kitchen. But if your home is small and well-used, consider going with neutral colors such as whites or off-whites instead. It will help open up the space without adding too much visual clutter. An added bonus: You don’t have to worry about repainting when you change your mind! For more room-opening tips check out our essential decorating advice for small kitchens.

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5. Keep scale in mind

If you have a small kitchen, scale is key. Don’t use overly large pieces—everything from your appliances to your countertops should be on a smaller scale than what would be ideal for larger kitchens. This way, you can make full use of your space and make everything work within it. Kitchens are meant to be functional spaces that keep our families fed and enable us to live healthier lives; they shouldn’t feel like cavernous voids that are good only for storing laundry baskets. Instead, with some thoughtful planning and design, kitchens can become truly useful parts of our homes.

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6. Build up, not out

When you think of kitchen renovations, you probably envision overhauling your entire kitchen and adding new appliances or fixtures. However, while it might be tempting to gut your entire kitchen and start from scratch, there are other ways to achieve your vision without requiring extensive rewiring or plumbing work. For example, if you’re only looking to renovate part of your kitchen (maybe an unused corner), consider a small remodel like cabinets, paint or new countertops; these small touches can make a big difference! If you do decide to do a major renovation that requires rewiring or plumbing work, be sure to check with multiple companies so that you can compare quotes—you might be surprised by how much money you save!

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Dubai is a special city with a great quality of life and a lively and diverse ex-pat community. These factors attract thousands of people from around the world to relocate here each year, which means there are plenty of small kitchens and other spaces that could benefit from a makeover. Whether you’re moving into your own place or buying an investment property, following these six tips can help ensure your new kitchen renovation design in Dubai is one that you enjoy using every day.

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