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Stunning Kitchen Loft Design Ideas That Redefine Loft Kitchen Interior

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Stunning Kitchen Loft Design Ideas That Redefine Loft Kitchen Interior

The area that is closer to the roof of a building or an apartment is a loft space. These spaces have a low height area making them an unconventional choice for the kitchen.

The loft kitchen can be one of the most gorgeous and practical kitchen designs for houses. 

A kitchen loft can be uncommon in most regions as modern homes don’t usually have attic space. A kitchen loft design is doable. You may have a loft area that you want to design as your kitchen or you already have a loft kitchen that you want to reinvent. Here are some expertly picked kitchen loft designs ideas that will change your loft kitchen into an instagrammable home!

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First, you should need to remind a few things for a kitchen loft design: 

  • Choose a perfect interior design that will make your kitchen appear bigger
  • Loft spaces are closer to the ceiling you can integrate this into your kitchen loft design.
  • The loft area possesses a warehouse kind of rugged, you can use it to the advantage of your kitchen loft design.
  • Always stay in safety attention to the loft kitchen as they are right above your home. So ensure that you have a secure gas pipeline and electricity for the kitchen appliances.
  • Second, take care of the water supply in your loft kitchen as any damage may easily spill to other places of the home.

Now let’s go ahead with a stunning kitchen loft design.

  • Wooden Loft Kitchen Design Ideas
  • Industrial Type Loft Kitchen Design
  • Small White Kitchen Loft Design
  • Minimalist Is the Perfect Choice-try Natural Kitchen Loft Design
  • Rustic Style Loft Kitchen Design
  • Biophilic Greenery Loft Kitchen Design

1. Wooden Loft Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you have featured wooden beams and roof frames attic space? Then go with a wooden design for your loft kitchen. We all know that wood is the most traditional material for kitchens decorations. Wood always becomes a timeless favorite element for interiors. Loft spaces are small and use low-height wooden cabinets. You can get a Granite countertop with lower cabinets to maintain the look. You can also go with the addition of a wooden chimney range hood. If there is more space in your loft kitchen, complete the look with the addition of a breakfast counter along with a wooden table and stools. Also, try adding wooden beans above the countertop for hanging purposes. 

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Tidbit;  Avoid using wooden countertops as water may damage the preparation space in your kitchen.

2. Industrial Type Loft Kitchen Design

Loft areas have a warehouse look because of the exposed beams and dust found near the roof. If you don’t want to change the entire look, you can utilize the industrial theme for the loft kitchen design. For an industrial look, select dark wooden cabinets like black wood. The black wood cabinets along with antique handles will add a vintage industrial vibe. For kitchen backsplash, you can choose a brick cladding design. An open metal rack creates an industrial look. Use some track lights for lighting. If you have some space, you can also add a wooden dining table with metal chairs for seating and eating purposes. 

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3. Small White Kitchen Loft Design

This kitchen is an ideal one for small spaces loft kitchens designs. Choose a white colour theme for this kitchen design because it makes the place look spacious and bigger. You can use modular kitchen cabinets set up to maximize the available space. The aloft kitchen with white laminate cabinets and built-in microwave space keeps the countertop free. For a more contrasting look, use a black granite countertop. For kitchen backsplash design, try some dado tiles or simple wallpapers. You can also add a small white wooden dining table to complement the kitchen setup. If the height permits, use a compact upper cabinets setup for storage spaces that allow you to use corner spaces with magic corner units. 

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4. Minimalist Is Perfect Choice-Try Natural Kitchen Loft Design

Your loft kitchen has wooden flooring in space you can create a minimalist look to your loft kitchen with the addition of white laminated countertops, kitchen cabinets, and a light wood finish breakfast setup. The white finish cabinets make the place appear bright. The wooden elements introduce a natural vibe.  Keeps things simple and clutter-free. You can add a tall built-in Microwave and oven unit with a modern pantry garage to store heavy appliances. For a minimalist look, use modular handleless cabinets. 

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5. Rustic Style Loft Kitchen Design 

You can mix up two interior themes for an elegant look. An English kitchen with a rustic design game up your kitchen loft design. You can use English-style sophisticated wooden furniture for your loft kitchen design. Use wooden kitchen cabinets and dining tables for these designs. You can use periodic style design for your kitchen cabinets with upholstered dining chairs and a wooden top dining table. Also, add wooden ceiling beams to create a more rustic look.

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6. Biophilic Greenery Loft Kitchen Design

If there are windows in the loft space then it gets a lot of sunlight. Achieve this natural look and create a lipophilic loft kitchen design for a refreshing take. Go with a simple basic wooden attic flooring and ceiling. For a sleek look use a wooden laminated finish countertop with wooden cabinets. Add some lipophilic design elements to the roof with hanging planters and indoor plants. You can also add a marble countertop for an all-natural look. Place a solid wood breakfast counter with bamboo chairs to enhance the biophilic look. Install an open wooden rack along with some natural plants. The white color scheme with hints of natural green creates a perfect loft kitchen setup. 

You can go with those designs to recreate your attic space. Always use simple but functional kitchen designs for a loft kitchen setup.

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