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Well Redefine Laundry Ideas In Balcony

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Well Redefine Laundry Ideas In Balcony

The balcony is the most important space portion in small houses or people living in apartments. 

There are many benefits of the balcony; 

  • It provides you with an escape for your activities like bird watching, reading books, relaxing sessions, etc. 
  • It helps you connect the indoors with the outdoors.
  • It helps cross-ventilate your living space. 

But from all those benefits, have you ever thought of incorporating a laundry area on your balcony? Here are some ideas for this purpose.

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Benefits of incorporating a laundry area on your balcony:

  • It makes the space more useful and efficient.
  • It does not let the humidity problems within enclosed homes or apartments. 
  • It allows you better manage your laundry washing and drying process (as in direct contact with sunlight). 
  • It reduces the load of laundry cleaning and related items in your bathroom. 
  • It gives you flexibility and multifunctional addition for storage.

A Few Things suggested by Zawafi to Keep In Mind While Designing The Laundry Room In Your Balcony:

  • The availability of enough space to keep the washing machine and dryer or for other cleaning and drying equipment when the need arises.
  • The provision of ample sunlight (to dry the clothes easily).
  • The provision of a high supply of heating and electrical power system can be connected to the existing ones set up indoors.
  • The layout should be such that the area does not look cluttered. 
  • The balcony laundry areas theme should be the same as the theme of your house.
  • The practicality of the utility work spots and internal layout of the shelves etc.

 Let’s now dive into some excellent ideas for balcony from Zawafi:  

  • Beautifully Decorative Laundry Room In Balcony
  • Built-In-Space For Washing Machine Laundry Room In Balcony
  • Custom Style Laundry Room In Balcony
  • Laundry Room In Balcony With Sliding Window System
  • Rustic Form Of Laundry Room In Balcony

1. Beautifully Decorative Laundry Room In Balcony

This elegant decorative laundry room in the balcony looks very traditional. The white, grey-themed tiles add the striking, washing machine and a wooden base cabinet with a vessel sink complete the decorative effect. The large window allows ample sunlight for dry-clothes purposes.  

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2. Built-In-Space For Washing Machine Laundry Room In Balcony    

This laundry style is so simple and easy to install on the balcony, also easy for family members to access the storage areas without much assistance. This laundry in the large balcony comes with a large amount of space for the front-load washing machine. This laundry setup comes with a mix of different-sized closed and open shelves. 

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3. Custom Style Laundry Room In Balcony

This style comes with a full setup for laundry purposes, with a large number of open and closed shelves and other storage options for all your laundry-related needs. With the help of a sliding window, you can regulate the amount of sunlight. You can add detergents and tissue in rattan boxes. You can also insert a hanging rod or two for drying out clothes.

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4. Laundry Room In Balcony With Sliding Window System

This laundry system in the balcony started with an amazing sliding window that makes your balcony look brighter and larger. If you need some privacy then lower down the curtains and push them back up when want to amplify your view. Let your clothes dry out with ample sunlight and seat until they dry out. 

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5. Rustic Form Of Laundry Room In Balcony

This rustic laundry room on the balcony creates a traditional look to the modern balcony. A combination of dark brown and medium grey in the structure and design gives a delightful effect to the home. The wooden cabinets can store all the washing materials like washing agents, brushes, hangers, detergents, etc. you can easily take them when they need to be used.

 All these ideas can make your balcony delightful and easy. Also, save your home from humidity by transferring your washing area to the balcony. Try those ideas and let us know.  

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