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Loft Living Room Ideas That Make A Lasting Impression

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Loft Living Room Ideas That Make A Lasting Impression

A loft apartment features a high ceiling, rustic industrial look, and an open floor plan. The loft-style apartment is very popular even though loft apartment ideas are not the same ideas as standard living rooms.

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Best Living Room Ideas for your Home

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, many buildings that housed factories, and industrial and commercial spaces were vacated. These empty spaces were repurposed for residential use and became popular. This style of the apartment has become popular worldwide. Builders take inspiration from the traditional loft apartments and recreate loft modern-style apartments.

We have some unique decoration ideas for loft living rooms. 

  • Understated And Minimalist Loft Living Room Design Ideas
  • Bookshelves addition In Living Room Of Loft Apartments
  • Compact Spaces Set Up In Loft Living Room
  • Combination Of Rustic and Contemporary Loft Living Room Ideas
  • Bold Theme Loft Living Room Design

1. Understated And Minimalist Loft Living Room Design Ideas 

This minimal interior creates an expensive combination with the expensive layout of the loft living room. The white wall adds a spacious look to the apartment. While the black frames look perfect with the white wall creating near lines and lending structure. An open kitchen sits behind the living room and a big window lights up the whole décor with natural lights. This room features a large sofa set in light grey and a novel-shaped coffee table with a white marble surface top and wooden legs in light brown. The indoor plants create a greenery touch with the color scheme of the room.

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2. Bookshelves addition In Living Room Of Loft Apartments 

 The ceiling to floor bookshelves in loft apartments is a perfect choice and creating a traditional library setup that needs ladders for browsing can now be a part of your home. The bookshelves in dark brown color along with a glass front door enhance the color scheme of the living room. The unique light fixture in spotlight style keeps the focus on the bookshelves ceiling. The addition of basic furniture in the living room allows your bookshelves to do all the talking. A paired metal-framed sofa set along with a coffee table perfectly match the room’s interior.

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3. Compact Spaces Set Up In Loft Living Room 

If the loft apartment has limited space in terms of floor area, you can combine the kitchen, dining room, the living area is a great décor idea. If you want this type of set-up you need to keep in mind that the furniture plays an important role in the separation of different areas from each other and working together as a cohesive unit. This loft-style enhances with a white kitchen countertop, a white dining table, and a white sofa.  The brown color ceiling, walls, and floor go perfectly with the interior scheme.

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4. Combination Of Rustic and Contemporary Loft Living Room Ideas

The contrasting effect always looks great in loft-style apartments. These two contrasting features work with each other. The industrial elements such as grunge walls, exposed beams, staircase, and metal bars lend an edgy character. The loft furniture adds a dose of contemporary luxury that brings the space to life. This loft design with all massive space is the perfect option to get larger than life sofa set along with a unique coffee table. Add a light fixture to complete the look that hangs over the living area. 

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5. Bold Theme Loft Living Room Design

This modern loft design came with a black and brown color theme and looks like it belongs to a magazine. The bold an-all-black matte finish on the walls and ceiling creates a futuristic look. The horizontal light fixtures blend right in, giving a sleek look to the space. Choose living room furniture in sophisticated leather for this loft style. A brown leather large sofa set along with black leather cushions is the perfect choice to dominate the middle area of the living room. Pair it with a low coffee table with rounded edges for a smooth touch.  

A loft living room with open interiors and a high ceiling, allow many styling options. You can go with different experiments to get your choice loft living room. In those designs, you will find inspiration to decorate your space the way you like. Also, entertain your guest comfortably and make a lasting impression.

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