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Modern Living Room Design Queries That Are Solved

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Modern Living Room Design Queries That Are Solved

How to design a living room? Which theme could be best for the living room? Can I go with minimal decor or not? All those questions arise in your mind whenever you want to decorate your living room. There are a lot of hacks that you can apply and need to know about layout choices, flooring and seating arrangements ideas. However, there is a list of things that can help you sort your living room issues. 

The living room is known as the chilling place where you can chill and enjoy yourself with your family and friends, or watch your favourite shows with a cup of tea. Did you know that before the late nineteenth century the living room was known as ‘parlour’ driven from the French verb ‘parle’ which means speak?

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Top Living Room Designs

It means that this place will speak for you. Your personality and taste can feel ever when you decorate it with your books and photos. Want a great joyful living room design that can increase a chilling vibe in your life. Readout all the hacks and defiantly approve your ideas that which one is best for you. 

We put here an exhaustive list of things you need to remind when designing a living room.  Take notes and bookmark the pages, because we bring here some amazing living room designs. 

Here are the best Living Room Design Ideas :

  • How to design a modern living room layout and furniture
  • How to design a living room dining room combo?
  • How To Design A Modern Living Room? Select A Theme That According To My Style
  • How To Design Furniture In A Living Room?
  • How To Design Lighting In A Living Room?
  • Pay Attention To Living Room Ceiling Options
  • Choose A Flooring Type That Adds Space
  • Choices Of Accept Elements For Living Room
  • How to design a living room wall with pieces of art?
  • Master The Art Of arrangement in your living room

1. How to design a modern living room layout and furniture.

The first thing that needs to be considered while designing a dining room area, is the layout. You need to prefer your living room layout. If you got lucky and have an open design layout, you can go ahead and design the place with some open living room design ideal like a pastel colour scheme along with a modular furniture setup. You can use partitions in your room if want to keep things defined.

In the market there are a large number of varieties of partitions available, you need to choose one for your interior. CNV cutting designs act for multiple purposes (as a partition and a decor piece). 

So, based on the type of living room layout, you can choose the appropriate furniture types. 

  • You can choose a wide lounger couch set for spacious open layout living rooms. Add compact love seats or lounger chairs for small areas or closed living areas.
  • You can choose wall length or floor-to-ceiling TV units for open living rooms that come with storage cabinets to keep your thing or accessories in an organized way. While for a closed room layout, choose a simpler TV unit.
  • You can also go with different types and colours of seating furniture in open layout living rooms. But go for one colour couch set for a closed living room.
  • If you want a jalli partition to demarcate the living area, avoid section blocks, use the partition to cover half of the room so that a wide and spacious look lends to the place.

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2. How to design a living room dining room combo?

In contemporary apartments, there is an open living room area with the combination of a dining section. This looks so simple to decorate but difficult to plan. Simple, because it allows you to maintain a uniform design throughout your living room and dining area. But difficult because you need to pay more attention to decor them in such a way that is well manners. We are here to help you and guide you. 

In this type of open home, you can add a jalli partition or a wooden frame to separate the area. You can also use of furniture set to definite both areas. For example in this open home, a wooden bookshelf, a vertical planter stand or a pooja unit can beautifully divide the living room and dining room. You can go for a staircase or arches if you want to add a delineation vibe.

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3. How To Design A Modern Living Room? Select A Theme That According To My Style

The Colour theme is the main part of interior design, and the whole home look dependent on it. If you are not following any particular theme, there is always an underlying modification that designers follow to plan the design for homes. You need to choose a perfect colour theme according to your personality. For a modern living room design, go with contemporary colour schemes and furniture choices. It’s not easy to get them in 5 minutes, there are hundreds of colour schemes,  couch types and wall designs to choose from in a modern living room setup. If you want the right choice to follow these steps, 

  • Modern Theme; Choose a modern theme such as industrial look, minimalist look, rustic theme, or botanical theme.
  • A Colour Scheme; do you want a paste colour palette or a dark colour scheme? Decide on a colour scheme.
  • Lighting; Do you love lighting? Do you have space to put some natural light flowering? What kind of ceiling do you want to choose or what wall lights would you prefer. 
  • Texture: If you know about your personal and favourite material or texture that’s great. You can go with wood, metal, wool and silk for different items you will place in your living room. 

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4. How To Design Furniture In A Living Room?

Furniture is the backbone of any home interiors and needs attention for things like the quality and look of the furniture sets while designing it in your home. Don’t overwhelm the place with random furniture and go with minimal and impressionistic decor so choose furniture as per your living room area. 

The next step is to decide what kind of furniture you prefer. Remind that pay full attention to the seating furniture first. 

Choose a sofa or a couch that goes with your style, if you want to watch TV or love to read, get a comfortable lounger couch. For a mature or minimal setup, choose a mid-century wooden sofa set. If space is available on the carpet area for the seating section, choose a couch, an ottoman, and a single couch if the space is not available or less you can go with a lounger chair that adds drama to your place.

Avoid us in metallic seating because they can be uncomfortable according to setup. You can choose wood, velvet, and leather materials. Go for a TV unit for entertainment unit, decor well that is easy to the eye and blends well with the entire setup. Add a pair of side tables and a centre table in the room if space is available.

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5. How To Design Lighting In A Living Room? 

Lighting (artificial or natural) are play important role in living room brightness. The living room needs to be vibrant and brighter for this we need to add some lighting effect to the living room. You can place your seating arrangement by windows, to enjoy the natural light impact and outside view. A window will keep the place bright with natural beauty and lighting. In case you have no window in your living room, you can use ceiling lights to keep the place well illuminated.

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After considering the lighting needs in your living room, choose the types of lighting you want. You can choose 

  • Wall Sconce
  • Built-in or LED strip lighting 
  • Fancy sculptural LED overhead lights
  • Statement light fixture 

Ensure that the type of lights you choose is as per the theme of your living room interiors. For an industrial design look, choose ceiling track lights or rustic floor lamps to accentuate the look. While for the luxury theme, you can go for ornate chandeliers and elegant wall lights. 

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6. Pay Attention To Living Room Ceiling Options

The ceiling adds drama to any room’s interior. So don’t overlook the ceiling choices for your room. Firstly, need to select a ceiling design that blends well with your room interiors. For a vintage-style living room, the interior use a moulding ceiling design. While for an industrial look, go for exposed brick and wooden beams on the ceiling to add to the look. 

You can also choose a wainscotting ceiling with panels. Ceiling and lighting choices connect, so choose a ceiling type first then go for lighting design. If the height of the room is not too much choose the original ceiling, not false ceiling styles. For such plain ceiling designs, choose paint colours according to the ceiling to keep the space look spacious and tall.

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7. Choose A Flooring Type That Adds Space 

Just like the ceiling, the flooring mannerly affects the interior of the living room. Therefore go with the options that are most suitable for your lifestyle and location. Those who live in tropical regions, go for the marble flooring option. In case your home is in a colder region, select wooden flooring or carpet flooring for it. Of all types, hardwood floors are the most popular and preferred one. These flooring types add luxurious and warmth drama to the room. 

  • Some popular flooring choices are
  • Hardwood flooring (strip, plank, and parquet) 
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Concrete flooring (perfect choice for industrial touch) 
  • Marvel floor(best choice for luxurious appeal) 
  • Vinyl floor
  • Bamboo flooring (to add natural touch)

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8. Choices Of Accept Elements For Living Room

When you are going to design your living room, you can bring some bold accent design elements to your space. This can be in the form accent wall or a bold accent couch that stands out in your room or bring a vibrant touch to the room. They are now the most popular part of interiors. 

You can create an accent wall with any type of bold and striking design such as a brick cladding wall, floral wallpaper, or a 3D wall design for the living room. You can also add a bold couch to bring accent design elements to the room. If you have a small space or don’t like accent walls or couches you can go with a lunch chair for an accent design. 

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9. How to design a living room wall with pieces of art? 

The living room is the face of your home decor, where guests and friends come and gather. So deserve some art collection or display to define the room’s sentiment and your personality. So you can choose wall art pieces according to your choice or type, that grab the attention of your guests. The empty wall looks dull, so don’t keep the wall empty. Add a piece of meaningful art that enhances the living room setup. You can also add some quotes, handmade paintings or family photos to spice up your living room walls.

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10. Master The Art Of arrangement in your living room

How to design a modern living room is to the modern art of arrangement, this is the last question. Here we make a list to get the perfect arrangement in your living room, keep in mind when decorating your living room.

  • Choose a living room focal point, like a searing area for example them decorating the rest of the setup around that focal point. 
  • Place a rug or carpet on the floor to define the whole look of the room 
  • Arrange the seating pieces accordingly to immovable furniture sets like TV unit
  • Keep the coffee table at a reachable distance from the couch and the chairs 
  • Don’t block the walls, keep them free 
  • Maintain the movement flow in the room

The living room is the social part of your home and simply the soul of your house. Choose the right look for your living room that looks spacious and modern. Follow our amazing rules or steps to get the right design for your living room interior. 

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