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Music Room Design Ideas For Your Home

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Music Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Music has a powerful impact on our lives, as we agree with it. Not only does music impact our moods, but it also inspires us to action.

With that said we think that you agree with it, music can change our mood and act as a best friend when you are alone. Music room decoration is different from regular room decoration in homes. Need some additional factors to be taken care of while designing a music room. These are; 

  • The nature and purpose of the room, jamming to music only, listening to music only, or both.
  • The number of musical instruments and audio equipment and their sizes
  • The room’s location, layout, and total space available ( the back of the home or basement without windows are best places)
  • The material of the walls and the floor, such as hardwood, laminate, ceramics, etc
  • The type of furniture or furnishing such as soft furnishing, solid shelving, scatter cushions, etc
  • Your decision whether you prefer comfort or practicality over the design aesthetics
  • The room decor theme, Use wall-mounted instruments, a pseudo artwork gallery, guitar wall mounts, an area rug, gig posters, arc
  • The room’s colour scheme like sky blue, greys, off whites, deep ocean blue, etc.
  • The lighting used in the room 
  • Red Light; speeds up the heart rate, increases energy and intensifies emotions.
  • Orange Light; brings sharpness in thinking ability and concentration.
  • Blue Light; slow down the heart rate and balances your emotions.
  • Natural Light; makes you more productive and happier. 
  • Lighting fixtures(adjustable floor lamps, dimmer-based recessed ceiling light, overhead direct/task lighting)
  • The attitude of your neighbours or another household towards music got over cranky or enjoy it.
  • The soundproofing of the room
  • Dimensions, a rectangular room with a flat ceiling is perfect.
  • Frequencies and vibrations of the sound 
  • The perfect balance of sound absorption and sound diffusion
  • The budget that you want to spend on it

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The most exciting music rooms decor ideas Suggested by Zawafi

1. Music Room Design #1

This music room is modular and looks pleasant to the eyes. The grand black piano and the violin act as a focal point for the room and create a contrasting effect against wooden floors with the large grey rug. The white walls make for a peaceful music-making and listening environment. While the addition of books and green plants act as a sound absorber and balance the sound frequency when the music is being played. 

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2. Music Room Design #2

You can choose this bright red and black theme decoration for your music room decor. This red and black-themed music room intensifies your emotions and frees your mind from stress. While the addition of tall plants introduces a natural vibe, the recliner chair gives you an ergonomic seating option in the space. The large white rug softens the red colour feel on the wall.

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3. Music Room Design #3

This is an industrial loft-style music room design that comes with a full range of musical instruments, right from a piano to a complete drum kit to a trumpet and a violin. The exposed wall surface and the wooden flooring act as excellent absorbers. The jazz signage on the wall and the pair of lights pendants lend a rustic vibe. These musical instruments double up DIY decor ideas. 

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4. Music Room Design #4

This design is one of the best choices where the addition of a music setup into your living room, is the ultimate entertainment centre for you. The speaker does not interrupt the space aesthetically, a space-saving option. When can use this setup for multiple purposes, when you are in the mood for tv, just turn it on and enjoy your favourite shows or listen to your music. You can use make use of off-white lounge seaters when you are in a gathering mood with your family just join these sofas together to form a large sofa and add a centre coffee table,  your living room is ready for you? 

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5. Music Room Design #5

This music room design came with minimal decor and ideal choice for small spaces. Easily adjustable in small apartments and does not have considerable space to spare. This isn’t a complete music room but the tiny music touches make it a music area for you. The guitar, the framed vinyl record decor on the wall, along the hanging musical notes wall design brings the music vibe in. You add a chalkboard wall to draft your musical ideas and use it as a decor element for the room.

Designing a music room is not so easy, it needs some guidance and then you can be able to decor your music room. Choose those decor elements that express your personality. We hope that this blog will help you a lot in decorating the music room. 

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