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Neutral Colour Bedroom Design Ideas

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Neutral Colour Bedroom Design Ideas

If you want to redefine your bedroom renovation and decide to change the colour palette of your bedroom, you can try some neutral colours for your bedroom. Yeah, we know that you might assume that neutral colours might look unexciting, unimaginative and lifeless. But believe us, they are quite the opposite provided in reality if they are used correctly.

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 Zawafi’s suggestions for neutral bedroom colors  

  • They act like a perfect base over which you can play around with slightly brighter accent colours either through decor, flooring, textures, furniture, etc
  • They are versatile and easily allow you to replace the accessories, furniture, textures and layers to align the vibe/mood of your bedroom with your changing style preferences
  • They help create brighter colours as a focal point(s)  in your bedroom as they allow brighter colours to pop out more against them
  • They are flexible and give you go with complete freedom to design or revamp your bedroom’s look without completely repainting it, thus saving you money, time and effort in the future
  • They help you by increasing your home resale value’ as they highlight finer home details (wainscoting/crown moulding) to potential homebuyers.
  • They perfectly blend with other colours and all of the colours in the colour wheel, thereby allowing easy customisation and creative experimentation
  • They give an open, refined and sophisticated look to your bedroom that reflects extreme attention to detail, beautiful curves and lines. It also provides a spotlight for other design elements in the space
  • They introduce a positive vibe to your bedroom and a much-needed cohesive and calming vibe into the bedroom instead of an energetic and bold one
  • Du to their timeless nature and classic look, they are considered an evergreen investment for your home as it never grows old and helps you avoid buyers’ remorse

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Neutral colours are also divided into three categories (based on their undertones on the grey to white base colour spectrum):

  • Bright/Cool Neutrals → White, yellow, green and peach give an open and airy environment to your bedroom 
  • Muted Neutrals → Off-white, tan, beige, creambrings a streamlined and simple appearance to your bedroom 
  • Dark/Warm Neutrals → grey, gold, taupe, brown, orange, redgives a cosy and homely vibe to your bedroom

Tips to keep in mind to choose the perfect neutral colour for your bedroom

  • You have two ways to use neutral colours – going all-neutral (different shades/tones of the same neutral colour) OR using a combination with other colours such as a neutral colour as the base/canvas and highlighting brighter colours against it). 
  • If you choose darker neutrals then need to maintain the look so choose a good amount of artificial/natural lighting so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming.  
  • If your bedroom is small and gets limited exposure to natural sunlight then we suggest you use paler or cooler neutral tones to brighten up the space.  
  • If your bedroom is big and gets plenty of natural sunlight then you need to go with any neutral colour category.
  • Use lighter shades of the ceiling in your bedroom that balance the visual look of the bedroom. 

It is time to reveal our amazing collection of the best neutral colours for your bedroom.

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1. Neutral Colour Design #1

This bedroom comes with a beige and white wall colour palette which acts as a perfect backdrop for the wooden elements in the room such as the door and the furniture. The addition of large mirrors on both sides of the bed reflects the natural sunlight. This design will make your space look larger, calmer and brighter.

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2. Neutral Colour Design #2

The amazing combination of neutral-coloured floral accent wallpaper, the navy blue curtains and the beige floor rug goes well with the white-walled bedroom and provides some texture to it. Here, the brightly coloured cushions, potted green indoor plants and wall frames add a pop of bright colour to the space. The whole colour combinations make the bedroom look sleek and elegant and make your bedroom a spacious one.

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3. Neutral Colour Design #3

This neutral bedroom possesses three colours combination theme that features a largely white, light grey and cream colour theme through its walls, bedding and flooring. The blackish-grey curtains and the indoor plants cut the monotony of these colours and incorporate personality and visual interest into the room. Goes with balance manners so the theme does not overpower any of its elements and also looks more peaceful and balanced.

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4. Neutral Colour Design #4

A neutral colour scheme with different kinds of textures and tones comes together in this design and makes a perfect representation of the neutral colour scheme. They together create a cohesive and elevated look. The soft linens on the low bed frame and the lighting lend a cool and pleasant vibe to the space. The addition of photo frames contrasts well against the light grey accent wall.

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5. Neutral Colour Design #5

White is the best neutral light paint colour used for the bedroom. The wooden accent wall and flooring perfectly blend with the white bedroom. The addition of the green rug, bed linen and upholstered furniture mimic nature’s elements and bring much-needed freshness into the space. You can add large artwork on the sidewalls to bring a complemented look to the bedroom.

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We simply say that neutral bedroom wall colours are very versatile as you can work around them to change the overall look of your space as and when your style changes. So, choose neutral colours of your taste and try them for painting when the next time you repaint your bedroom.

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