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Best Ultimate Plywood Ideas For Modular Kitchens

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Best Ultimate Plywood Ideas For Modular Kitchens

Plywood is an engineered material that is made from several thin layers combined under high pressure. This creates a single thick, flexible, uniform, or flat sheet. This sheet can make from popular plants wood-like neem, birch, teak, etc.  

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What Are Advantages of Plywood for Modular Kitchen?

They are best for modular kitchens in urban areas and in apartments mostly used in making cabinets. 

  • Cheaper wood: with high quality and natural beauty, this wood is much cheaper than solid wood.
  • Multiple choices: It is available in multiple thicknesses, finishes, grades, and types. You can choose any type of your kitchen.
  • Eco-friendly: Due to its recycling feature, this wood is eco-friendly and there is minimum wastage.
  • Heat resistance ability:  It poses heat resistance and is also able to resist the heavy loads.
  • Long-lasting: it is flexible and has a long-lasting ability. It is strong and does not shrink at any temperature.

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Do You Think That Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchens, Why?

You can find the answer by reading and knowing the types of plywood types.

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Plywood types available for modular kitchens From Zawafi

 Here are some most amazing and popular plywood types available for modular kitchens on market today:  

  • Boiling Water Plywood (BWP): it can withstand ability against water and holds water for long periods at varying temperatures. It is more expensive than the other types and of high quality. This is the best choice of plywood for modular kitchens. 
  • Boiling Water Resistant Plywood (BWR): it is also more expensive, but of lower grade than BWP. It is of great resistance to water and humidity is of high quality.
  • Commercial Plywood: It is a cheaper form of plywood than other types of plywood, more durable, moisture-resistance, fungus resistant but not waterproof. It is used in kitchen cabinets that are far away from water. It is very sturdier and holds veneer better than particle board cabinet boxes.  
  • Firewall Plywood: it is safe for plywood to fire, and prevents fire to spread. It is a non-leachable type of plywood and has a rate of low burning.
  • Laminated Type Plywood: it is available in different types and different colours. It is the best choice for modular kitchens that has a laminated film coated on one or both sides of the raw plywood. It has chemical resistance, and water resistance abilities. It is a long-lasting and durable type of plywood. 
  • Marine-Type Plywood: it is the waterproof and water-resistance plywood type. It is the most superior grade of plywood.
  • Hardwood Plywood: it is the strongest type of plywood, much harder and heavier. It is a highly durable type, can slow the burn, and is more expensive. 
  • Softwood Plywood: it is the weaker type of plywood and is less expensive. It is softer than other types and less durable, slower to burn, and easier to carve. 
  • Calibrated Appealing Plywood: it has the maximum precision. It makes your kitchen look more appealing and elegant. It can provide a full aesthetic feeling to your kitchen.

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The Most Common Plywood Sizes And Thicknesses Available :       

  • Plywood Thickness: Half An Inch
  • Plywood Sizes; 8ft by 4 ft, 6ft by 4ft. (best plywood size for modular kitchen)       

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