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Fabulous Purple Curtain Ideas For The Bedroom

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Fabulous Purple Curtain Ideas For The Bedroom

Curtains play an important role in home decoration. They are an essential part of the bedroom that gives a complete look to the bedroom and defines the bedroom look. There are several varieties of brown and cream curtains available on the market. Today purple curtains gain popularity. 

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What Is The Reason That The Purple Curtains Become So Popular?

  • Visual Appeal; they are visually appealing and easily blend with any shade or colour theme of existing walls.
  • Versatile; they are versatile and allow you to play around with different shades to achieve the required effects.
  • Varying Quality; they are available in the form of lightweight voiles and heavy curtains.
  • Blend easily; they can provide warmth and coolness both affecting the area as they are a mix of red and blue.
  • Stability; they provide stability of mind and help you to improve your memory.
  • Healing Nature; they help you heal faster and sleep better.
  • Association; they are associated with imagination, ambition, and luxury.
  • Symbols; are symbols of passion, peace, and wisdom. 
  • Personality; they bring a unique personality to the space. 

Zawafi’s Tips for Choosing Purple Curtains For Your Bedroom

  • If your bedroom is designed with white, cream, light grey walls, you need to go with lighter shades of purple for your curtain so that make your room larger and give it a cooler vibe, like choosing lavender, lilac, and pale violet curtains. 
  • For a dramatic and vibrant look use slightly dark shades of purple to your white/cream/light grey walled bedroom, for example, dark violet, plum, electric purple, etc
  • For large standard size windows choose slightly short-length curtains, however for large windows you can go for full-length curtains that touch the floor.
  • Make sure that your curtains are at least two times the width of the bedroom window so that hang properly and create a fuller look when drawn.

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Purple Curtains Ideas for the Bedroom

After that now it’s time to reveal the best and most unique purple designs for the bedroom. So let’s go

1. Airy Look Creation Amethyst Curtains For Bedroom

These Amethyst curtains look pretty in the bedroom and their short height allows you to enjoy the sunlight in the bedroom and also provides you with some privacy options. They bring an airy and whimsical look to the bedroom. The curtains perfectly match the purple accent wall and go well with the entire decor of the bedroom.

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2. Black, Purple, and White Curtains For Opulent Vibe 

These Curtains came with a pattern of three shades that are black, white, and purple. These curtains Lend a rich, and deep vibe to the bedroom. The dark wallpaper brings a bold statement along with bed linen and rug that make a soft look and feel to the space. The fancy Chandelier and the side table create the iconic vibe of the bedroom. 

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3. Dark Purple Curtains For The Bedroom

If you want something that cuts the light going through the window at night and day, you can go with these curtains style. These dark purple curtains are the ideal choice that adds a pop of fun and brings vibrant colour to the bedroom. The window here is an average one, you can use short-length curtains as shown in the picture, if you have also.

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4. Light Purple Curtains For Bedroom 

These lavender blackout curtains make a combination with white sheer curtains to maintain the sunlight coming through the window and also match the decor of the bedroom. They bring an airy feeling and a sense of natural beauty to the bedroom. Beautifully contrasting with the bedroom’s light grey and white Interiors. They make the bedroom look more royal. 

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5. Graceful Magenta Curtains For Bedroom 

These curtains are an ideal choice for a white bedroom. That makes the white bedroom look more graceful and sophisticated. Placement of the same colour medium rug and photo frames bring some aesthetic vibe to the bedroom. This whole setup brings cohesiveness and unity to the bedroom decor.

All you need to choose the right shade of curtains to enhance your bedroom look and perfectly match your decor. They will give the finishing touch to your bedroom and tie up all design elements together.

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