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Smart Functional Contemporary Bedroom Design 

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Smart Functional Contemporary Bedroom Design 

The contemporary bedroom design due to its uber-cool look recently gained popularity. The contemporary bedroom design is fuss-free and possesses universal appeal. This design can easily embrace and be paired with another modern style making your home comfortable heaven. 

The contemporary bedroom design is a space-saving and functional design that also brings a simple and elegant look to your bedroom. If you love a simple design with clean lines and dramatic flair, this design is for you that contemporary bedroom design brings a touch of glamour into your bedroom. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out those amazing bedroom designs to blow your mind?

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Tips In Mind While Go With A Contemporary Bedroom Design;

  • Always goes with minimal décor and clutter-free space
  • Opt for some antique and functional furniture
  • Choose smooth surface and clean lines
  • Go with natural shades
  • Make use of natural shades with an occasional bold accent
  • Simplicity is gold, try a simple design with minimal ornamentation

After that let’s start with, how we add a simple look to the bedroom that transforms your bedroom into a sleek design?

Here are the 6 Ideas for A Contemporary Bedroom Design from Zawafi:

  • A Contemporary Bedroom Design With A Bottle Green Accent Wall
  • A Contemporary Bedroom Design With Pastel Hues And Wooden Accent
  • A Japanese-Inspired Contemporary Bedroom Design
  • All White Attic Bedroom With Clean Lines Design
  • Addition Of Some Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture That is Stylish
  • A Contemporary Bedroom Design With A Home Work Set Up

1. A Contemporary Bedroom Design With A Bottle Green Accent Wall

The pastel hues are the main colour theme of contemporary bedroom design. You can try different experiences in your bedroom to get a vibrance look. The best thing is to get a perfect match. In these contemporary designs, we use a bottle green colour to accentuate the wall but maintained straight lines. The grey headboards, white panelling on the wall and white comforter and cushion covers offset the vibrancy of green. We use small decor elements like wall painting and rattan lamp shades to pair the look together. The side table with green and white laminate acts as a statement piece while organising your accessories in a clutter-free manner. The whole design lends a serene vibe. 

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2. A Contemporary Bedroom Design With Pastel Hues And Wooden Accent

Wood is the basic element used in interiors and brings a lot of warmth to the Interiors. You can use it as the addition of a wood accent wall to your bedroom. We have kept subtle pastel hues to maintain the design theme. Place simple but luxury contemporary bedroom furniture like a comfortable bed and side tables to enhance the contemporary bedroom interiors. Add some simple accents like pandemic lights, floor to ceiling curtains to elevate the look. Also, add a modern painting that enhances the warm look of the contemporary bedroom. 

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3. A Japanese-Inspired Contemporary Bedroom Design

Japan’s design is known as simple, fresh and stylish. This contemporary bedroom interior design is ideal for people with a bohemian soul. The grey theme accent wall, rattan pendant lights, ceiling with wooden rafters and a rattan accent chair bring an elegant and fresh vibe to the entire décor. The wooden bed with side tables and a cushioned bench add aesthetics to the contemporary bedroom design. For a greener look, you can also add some indoor plants and a macramé wall hanging to take your boho design a notch higher. 

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4. All White Attic Bedroom With Clean Lines Design

Make use of attic space by turning it into a bedroom, to get a cosy and elegant bedroom.  This all-in-white scheme makes your attic a dreamy bedroom and matches the contemporary theme perfectly. The large window, simple décor, a master bed adorned with white bedding and blue cushions look light to the eyes and create a pleasing vibe. The addition of bedside storage helps you to keep your items, books and other things in a clutter-free manner. You can also use some wall painting for decoration to enhance the look. A tall indoor plant placement enhances the beauty of the contemporary bedroom. You can try this bedroom design for your kid’s bedroom. 

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5. Addition Of Some Luxury Contemporary Bedroom Furniture That is Stylish

Furniture plays an important role in bedroom décor. They add functionality to your room and also enhance the bedroom look. In small apartments, the small and simple elegant furniture is the need of the hour. Here we added some simple and unique pieces of furniture to elevate the luxury vibe. The master bedroom with an upholstered headboard in white is always a perfect choice. We have added a tall floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a handleless door to create a clean look. The bed comes with side table drawers for storage purposes to keep your books and other items. The navy blue accent wall cuts the monotony of muted colours and brings focus to the décor elements like pendant lights and wall paints. 

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6. A Contemporary Bedroom Design With A Home Work Set Up 

If you are one of those who looking for a bedroom design along with a workplace setup. Here we have one. This contemporary bedroom design features natural cork wallpaper that adds a vibrant look to the bedroom interiors opt for cycled wood to design your contemporary bedroom furniture. The rustic look furniture creates a spacious look to the bedroom décor. We have added a study side or work side beside the window to elevate the functionality of the space. Decorate it with some space-saving organizers like a modern wardrobe with cabinets and pull-out units or a side table with storage to get a clutter-free setup for your accessories or other things. 

With this blog, we hope that we can help you a lot with contemporary bedroom designs. Try some designs into your bedroom to make your bedroom spacious and bring a vintage or luxury vibe as you like. 

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