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Standard Kitchen Cabinets Dimension-You Need To Know

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Standard Kitchen Cabinets Dimension-You Need To Know

When we think about kitchen decor, the layout, colours, and materials play an important role in the look and the way it feels. But in all things, the most important thing is the size and dimension of your kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinets can be made in different styles or sizes-depends on space and your choice. It’s essential to know about it before you go and get your kitchen revamped. Why is it so important? Because choosing a cabinet of the wrong size or dimension, will ruin its functionality forever. 

To save from any unfunctional we are here to guide you on the size and dimensions details, go ahead and revamp them.

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Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions In Inches Suggested By Zawafi

You can go with customized kitchen cabinets which one you want. But the best thing is that you need to follow some standard dimensions so that you can make the most of your kitchen space, increase functionality and make storage easy.

  • Base Cabinets Dimensions
  • Kitchen Overhead Cabinets Dimensions
  • Tall Cabinets Dimensions

1. Base Cabinets Dimensions 

They are installed directly on the floor. They provide you with a lot of space to support your heavy objects in your kitchen, they form the base of your kitchen. You can place countertops or stoves on them, install sinks or dishwashers within them, using them for a variety of storage ways.

Base cabinets also turn out as the most expensive of all kitchen cabinets and need some attention to their dimensions. So you get a proper Base cabinets setup without splurging money again and again. 

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Standard Dimensions For Base Cabinets 

Standard Dimensions   Inches
Height Without Countertop  32
Height with Countertop33
Depth With Countertop  24
Depth Without Countertop22.83
Width   Variable(depending on space)

The base cabinets’ height changed without a counter and sometimes go up to 34 ½ inches, but other than that this is the least flexible dimension for all.  The variation of heights does not so much change when it comes to building code or general design practices. So most designers stick to the standard. 

Additionally, the countertop may change the height of the base a little bit, like 33-36 inches. Depending on the countertop material.

Before going for a countertop material, make sure to keep the accessibility aspect of your base cabinet in mind. 

The depth of cabinets depends on the distance from their outer front edge to the wall. With countertop, 22.83 inches to a maximum of 24 inches are good sizes to go with, don’t go for deeper, because you can risk your cabinet’s beauty and accessibility. For the width of base cabinets, its variable dimension may be changed depending on the kitchen size, or are available for the base cabinets. The width can be between 9 to 48 inches.

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2. Kitchen Overhead Cabinets Dimensions

Kitchen overhead cabinets or wall cabinets are mounted on the wall, useful for storage purposes like food, cutlery, or lightweight kitchen supplies.

Overhead cabinets most attention be part of the kitchen and are almost at eye level. The first thing people notice in your kitchen are overhead cabinets. It’s really important to get the right sizes for your kitchen for a pleasing effect. 

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Here Are Standard Dimensions For Overheads Cabinets;

Standard Overhead Kitchen
Cabinets Dimensions
Depth  14
Width  18,24

The height of wall-mounted cabinets depends on the ceiling height and clearness from the countertop. The ideal distance between the countertop and the bottom of your wall cabinet may be between 15 inches to 20 inches.

While the standard depth of wall cabinets is 14 inches, the maximum you can go up to is 24 inches. They can not exceed the base cabinets’ depth.

Wall cabinets are an ideal choice to go for. And in this case, we suggest that 12 inches is a good option. This dimension provides you best storage space within the cabinets and below them. 

The width runs in multiple of three and goes on in between 9 and 48 inches, while 18 or 24 inches is the standard size. Cabinets from 9 to 21 inches mostly have a single door and above have double doors.

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3. Tall Cabinets Dimensions 

They are extra-large cabinets and vertical units that sometimes stretch from the floor up to the ceiling. They are rare in use and used as pantry or janitor units and are an excellent choice to make the most of your kitchen space and provide storage facilities. 

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Here are the standard dimensions for All tall cabinets

Standard Tall Cabinets

An 83-84 inch height is a perfect choice for tall cabinets, that allow some toe-kick space at the bottom. While for a floor to ceiling cabinets, 96- inches cabinets are great.

The standard depth for tall cabinets is 22.83 inches, but the maximum you can go with is 24 inches, don’t exceed the base cabinets’ width. To store packed food in tall cabinets, around 12 inches is the best option but a deeper one can be used to store items like brooms, mops, or big appliances in the kitchen. 

As for width, 24 inches is best as a standard dimension. But if you want to create a narrower tall cabinet you can also go with it. It can be fitted anywhere easily and helps you make use of a neglected area. 

That all you about kitchen cabinets dimensions, we hope that we help you about this topic. You can easily choose any dimension according to your space or taste.

We provide you with all the information about cabinet dimensions but the right thing is that you need someone help who is professional. We can help you just contact us and we will be there for your help.

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