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Steal The Show With An L-Shaped Kitchen With Island

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Steal The Show With An L-Shaped Kitchen With Island

When we think about kitchen decor or style, there is no better layout than L shaped one. L-shaped kitchens are the top choice of most designers and homeowners. They are so common but that does not mean that they are boring. You can enhance your L-shaped kitchen look with the addition of an island. 

An L-shaped kitchen with an island grabs everyone’s attention. They add a statement to the space. This design came with multifunctional nature. You can use the island as a breakfast counter, and install cabinets under it for storage use. It can be a staging area for meals, a full-fledged dining area, or even a makeshift workstation.  It maximizes your space and makes workflow super fast. 

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L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas From Zawafi

If you are not satisfied with it we have another reason for you, an L-shaped kitchen leaves a great space in the centre and an island is the ideal one that uses that space and brings functional use. Make sure that the balance of the kitchen remains maintained. 

Here Zawafi has suggested 7 unique ideas for you and they are :

  • An L-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas With Island
  • Rustic Type L-shaped Kitchen Ideas With Island
  • Stylish Shaped Kitchen Design With Island
  • Small Spaces L-shaped Kitchen Ideas With Island
  • A Gorgeous L-shaped Kitchen With Island
  • Enhance Your L-shaped Kitchen Look With This Design
  • A Multi-Purpose Island To Make Your Kitchen Next Level

1. A L-shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas With Island 

This kitchen is a pleasure to the eye. The beautiful blue, golden, and white colour scheme blends well. All decor elements grab your attention. The island in the middle steals the show. In this design, the island is used as a washing storage and seating unit. It takes the functionality of the kitchen. 

If you have guests, then this L-shaped kitchen is an ideal kitchen for laying out cooked meals. Or you can use it as a seating area where you can enjoy chitchat with your friends and enjoy it with a glass of wine. On school and workdays, you can catch ups with your kids over a quick breakfast in this place. The addition of this kitchen into your home is endless.

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2. Rustic Type L-shaped Kitchen Ideas With Island

This L-shaped kitchen brings back those days memories that you spent frolicking around grandparent’s homes during vacation. If you want to feel the comfort of those days again, you need to go with these kitchen designs. This L-shaped kitchen with an island will meet all your expectations and create a modern vibe with its functional elements in your kitchen.

One element is a wooden island that features cabinets to create storage space and you put your accessories in those cabinets in an organized way and a basin that act as a washing space. While the counters op used for food preparation. It also serves as a breakfast or dining nook. 

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3. Stylish Shaped Kitchen Design With Island

The use of amazing colour theme like white and brown goes well and create a blending effect than pleasing to look at, it’s not just the exterior part that looks great but the island came with multiple features. It features hooks for hanging purposes while in-built shelves for microwaves and ovens and additional storage space help you to keep your other essentials.

The wooden island is a perfect choice for this kitchen that elevate the kitchen’s entire decor. Together with the stools, it gives a comfortable seating zone where you can enjoy your tea time with your friends or family. You can also have drawers on your island where you can put cutlery, and napkins and take them out when needed easily. Easy on the eye, neat and gorgeous, this L-shaped kitchen is ideal for you if you have enough space in your home. 

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4. Small Spaces L-shaped Kitchen Ideas With Island

If there is a small space in your home or kitchen, to renovate your kitchen the idea of having a kitchen island never crossed your mind. But worry not! This design is for those small spaces kitchens. This L-shaped kitchen with an island makes the best possible use of space. The colour combination goes well and makes the kitchen a sight to behold. The island at the entrance works to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Not only keep your kitchen accessories but also provide a comfortable setting area where you can enjoy your time with your partner or family after a long day of work. 

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5. A Gorgeous L-shaped Kitchen With Island

An Island is a versatile piece of furniture that possesses multifunctional abilities. This design is a unique one that shows how an island can be changed into a workstation, bringing utmost ease. All you need to do is add comfortable stools around your kitchen island that perfectly match the kitchen decor. With this setup, you have got a new home workplace ready. 

You need to set your things in a way that you have everything within easy reach. You can cook, eat, wash, and work, all at the same time. This design is the best for parents as it allows you to look after your kids dining their homework while you are doing household chores. Keep it stylish and clutter-free. 

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6. Enhance Your L-shaped Kitchen Look With This Design

This design is simple, that could have looked pretty ordinary. The island completely transforms the look of the L-shaped kitchen. It gives additional counter space to prepare and store food. You can also place some stools around the island to make a comfortable seating area. You can use it as a workstation place when you working from home. The entire look of the island L-shaped kitchen looks stunning and unique on its own. 

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7. A Multi-Purpose Island To Make Your Kitchen Next Level 

If you want to add an island into an L-shaped kitchen but want a different look. You can try this design for your kitchen. Our designer creates a multi-level island setup for the L-shaped kitchen. One island can serve many purposes. You can use two levels, however, you like. The most practical way is to use the lower side to prepare your food while the upper deck keeps fruits and vegetables or uses it as a bar. As you like go used. A multi-level island like this can add the perfect amount of excitement to your kitchen and brings a fantastic impression on your guest’s face. I will make work easier for you and provide you with an island setup with multi-purpose uses. 

There are many ways to add an island setup to your L-shaped kitchen while it certainly amps up the style quotient of your space. Your search for the island designs in an L-shaped kitchen ends here. If you have further inquiries just contact us as our designer will help you out!

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