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Stunning Balcony Window Design Ideas For Your Home

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Stunning Balcony Window Design Ideas For Your Home

Your balcony is the focal point of your apartment whether it’s the interiors or the exteriors. The right decor of the balcony always counts and the window grill design is the main point of balcony decor. Both of them are a perfect combination and help to grab the attention of your friends and guests whenever they come over to your home for special occasions. 

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Balcony Window Multiple Benefits From Zawafi

  • Fresh Air And Lights Source;  They help you to let fresh air and natural sunlight enter the room in a regular way
  • Appearance; They enhance the appearance of your home and make it more visually appealing from both sides
  • Protector; They protect you from rain, dust, and heat during drastic weather conditions

Few Things Need To Be Remember When Go For Balcony Window Designing 

  • The balance condition between window design and entire balcony design 
  • The right amount of privacy
  • The right amount of safety(based on location)
  • The right degree of sound protection or sound absorption and energy efficiency
  • The kind of providing a view
  • The kind of material you use to build a balcony window(wood, uPVC, aluminium) and the type of glass you use
  • The durability, strength, and performance of the balcony window design
  • The shape of your balcony, layout, and types as well
  • The durability, strength, and performance of the balcony window design
  • The opening and closing mechanism of the windows
  • The right amount of thermal insulation

After that now explore the designs that enhance the look of your balcony :

  • Simple Glass Window Design For Balcony
  • Opaque Glass Window Design For Balcony
  • Grip Handle Window Design For Balcony
  • uPVC Balcony Window Design
  • Sliding Window Design For Balcony

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1. Simple Glass Window Design For Balcony

The glass window design with wooden frames gives a warm statement to the space.  It brings an earthy look. The window frame is large allowing a large amount of sunlight to let in the area and keep you enjoying the city views. They come with an easy handle setup and outswing mechanism. They blend perfectly with the theme of the balcony.

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2. Opaque Glass Window Design For Balcony

This balcony window design with a large opaque glass window that fitted within wooden frames is the perfect choice for you and the white theme is an ideal choice for apartments. If you are looking for something that gives you complete privacy. This design is for you. These windows come with a lift-out mechanism where you can slide the window from the bottom outwards and hook it in place. 

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3. Grip Handle Window Design For Balcony

This window design with a grip handle looks stunning and helps you to open windows easily and conveniently. They take up a large amount of space when you need to open them so make sure that you have a large room to integrate them with. They create a luxurious vibe and complement the balcony decor too.

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4. uPVC Balcony Window Design

This uPVC balcony design looks gorgeous and acts as an attractive focal point in this living room. In the picture, you can easily that this window frame houses two different sized windows-one regular and one extra-large. You can open either one or both depending upon the amount of light you want to soak in. 

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5. Sliding Window Design For Balcony

You can also choose this design for your balcony with a touch lock mechanism if you want something with an easy grip and high security. When choosing a sliding window, do spare a serious thought on good-quality glazing and the type of glazing(cold or warm) you want to use and ensure that the sliding mechanism works perfectly. 

We hope that these designs will help you a lot with the window design for the balcony. You can choose any design depending on the space in your balcony or balcony layout. Go ahead and try any of those designs for your balcony setup that perfectly matches your décor.

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