Traditional Decorating Designing Ideas To Enhance The Culture

8 Stunning Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

The architecture of every country draws inspiration from the myriad of cultures and their many traditions. To decorate your homes you need to keep in mind that we need to add a single piece of art that inspires the traditional look. Even those traditional ideas are perfectly blended into modern homes.

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Top Designing Ideas for Decoration From Zawafi

Here are eight amazing ways that you can retain a part of traditional in your home.

  • The Traditional Wooden Swing
  • Traditional Metals And Alloys For Home Decorations
  • The Low Height Seating
  • A Jharokha To Welcome Guests
  • Honour Hand Block Printed Decor
  • Folk Traditional Arts To Liven Your Wall
  • Use Artisanal Rugs In Your Home Decor
  • Add Terracotta For A Traditional Look To Your Home

1. The Traditional Wooden Swing

The wooden swing or Joola is the ideal piece to bring a traditional vibe into your decor. In most homes, it is coveted and comment found in living rooms or the verandah, the traditional swing takes you down memory lane. You can install it as a traditional piece for your modern living room. It is a fun addition as well as a comfortable seating option, lending a spacious vibe. 

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2. Traditional Metals And Alloys For Home Decorations

You can decorate your kitchen and backyard with these traditional metals, that lend a spacious effect. You can use copper and brass pots here and there in the kitchen or backyard. These materials feel soothing when used as a decor element. Traditional metal pots and vases make for stunning traditional home decor. 

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3. The Low Height Seating

Move-over chairs and sofas are the best trendy seating furniture that comes with foldable legs. We always looking for something new and a bit more comfortable like sitting cross-legged. The traditional low height seating arrangement is known as Bhartiya Baithak, can be a great addition to your living room. You can enhance the traditional item with warm lights. Cosy addition can make this a great space to enjoy time with your family and friends. 

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4. A Jharokha To Welcome Guests 

The ornamental jharokha is a kind of traditional architecture that is mostly found in Rajasthan. It acts as wall decor are a common feature in many modern homes. These pieces are carved from wood and the elaborate designs and colours lend a desi traditional look to your home. 

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5. Honour Hand Block Printed Decor

The block art printing has oriented overseas but blends well with the home decor. When you couple it with the unmatched skills of artisans and natural denying techniques for colours used in hand block paintings seamlessly create a traditional look. Hand block printed fabrics have always made their way into homes one way or another. Block printed bedspreads, pillow covers, and even wall art always lend a traditional vibe whenever used in home decor. 

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6. Folk Traditional Arts To Liven Your Wall

The cultural diversity in any country or area means that you have a lot of variety of folk arts that admire, seek inspiration from and learn. You can use Warli folk paintings, Madhubani paintings, and many more beautiful art forms. Those folk arts are a greater source of a traditional vibe.

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7. Use Artisanal Rugs In Your Home Decor

You can find handmade rugs and carpets worldwide. These rugs are weaved by lòcal artists, who are well versed with the crafts passed down from generation. These rugs are made up of sustainable materials that’s why you need to try out these traditional handmade rugs for your home decor.

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8. Add Terracotta For A Traditional Look To Your Home

Terracotta means ‘baked earth’, and this earth wear is commonly used in home decorations as a planter. With this, you will find beautiful wall decor pieces that can go hand to hand with the natural green plants in your garden and balconies. 

These things are much more than vibrant colours and intricate prints, at the same time they bring a traditional touch to your home décor.

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