Traditional Table Designs To Lend A Sleek Look

Traditional Dining Table Designs To Add A Classic Appeal To Your Home

The traditional dining tables are the best interior choice. It talks about your lifestyle, which can never go out of style, and lends a vibrant vibe to your home.

Whatever the design, you must have a dining table that speaks about you. Though there are hundreds of dining tables these days, we cannot deny our admiration for traditional dining table designs. Due to their timeless and comfortable nature, they are always in trend and we suggest you try a traditional touch to your interior because enhances your room style.

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The Best Table Designs Suggested by Zawafi For your Home

Traditional dining tables enhance your room style whether it’s a gorgeous long table with enough chairs to hold the family and the guests or just a small oval table. Today, we’ve got you some of our favourite traditional dining table designs.

Let’s get started with the 7 Table Designs :

  • A sleek Wooden Traditional Dining Table
  • A Teak Wood Traditional Dining Table
  • A Moroccan Traditional Design With Comfy Floor Cushions
  • A Traditional Dining Table Setup With Gorgeous Jalli Dining Chairs
  • Space Saving Oval Traditional Dining Table
  • Black Wooden Style Traditional Dining Table
  • Another Oval Traditional Dining Table Design

 1. A sleek Wooden Traditional Dining Table 

This simple and plain traditional dining table design is timeless and never goes wrong. It comes with a counter height design. We paired it with classic cafe upholstered chairs. The table’s height makes the table less accessible for children or pets. This table possesses a rectangular shape and a polished wooden finish. An ideal choice for a six-seater to spend a great family time.

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2. A Teak Wood Traditional Dining Table 

This gorgeous teak wood dining table lends good old days of solid furniture design looks. The table has bulky legs that borrow the look from classic table designs. The table’s top has a smooth teak finish that adds appeal to the dining space. We use five high back chairs here with maroon decorative upholstery that accentuates the traditional look and perfectly teak table design.

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3. A Moroccan Traditional Design With Comfy Floor Cushions

The amazing part of the tradition is to sit on the floor and eat. Although that is not in vogue anymore, you can try this traditional dining set. This Moroccan low-height dining table with floor cushions adds a traditional vibe and provides a floor seating and eating setup. The wooden table comes with decorative legs that blend in with the theme. Here we use bright-coloured upholstered floor cushions that are super comfortable to sit on.

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4. A Traditional Dining Table Setup With Gorgeous Jalli Dining Chairs 

This is yet another magnificent 8-seater dining table. The table comes with a broad countertop that lets joint families and friends dine together and enjoy their time. The dining table features a slanted leg design that joins to create a wooden platform base. This lends a heavy look to the dining room and is not easily movable. The dining table comes with eight gorgeous padded dining chairs with a jaali design on the back.

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5. Space Saving Oval Traditional Dining Table

This design is the ideal one for small families or couples. If you looking for a small dining table set up with traditional aesthetics. This is for you! The dining table here has an oval design that makes it super space-saving. The dining table features a heavy decorative leg that enhances the traditional appeal. We add four ultra-comfortable high back padded chairs that blend well with the oval dining table. It will take very little space; hence, you can also place it in your living area.

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6. Black Wooden Style Traditional Dining Table 

This dining table creates an elegant rustic touch to your dining area. It has a matte wooden finish that makes it look appealing. The dining table has a broad rectangular shape, which is the best choice for a family of four to dine together. Four black wooden chairs with curved backs complete the dining table set-up. The simple yet classic look of the table makes it a timeless furniture investment.

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7. Another Oval Traditional Dining Table Design

This dining table design is another oval dining design that comes with a gorgeous multicolour countertop with traditional polished legs. The old-style piece and sturdy look of this dining table bring a great vintage asset for modern homes. The heavily ornated table legs also add a gorgeous appeal that is rare these days and the most liked feature of the dining table. There are four old-world wooden chairs added here that are revamped with modern pop colour fabric to complete the table’s look.

Traditional dining tables are always a great choice for those who want an old charm look in their home. They are timeless and enhance the interior of your room. Blend well with a modern or vintage style, a classic dining table like the ones we’ve shown would be the highlight of your interiors. So go ahead and get yourself one of these. Share your experience with us, we did love to hear from you. 

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