Unique Open Kitchen Ideas With Dining Room In 2022

Unique Open Kitchen Designs With Dining Room For Compact Apartments

Due to the setup of the compact apartment, the separate kitchens, living, and dining areas can be tricky. Most people live together and eat together. So they are trying to eat at least one meal of the day with the entire family. We have got some unique small open kitchen setup ideas with the dining room which provide you with a clutter-free and perfect modern look. They are ideal for small spaces.

An open kitchen makes your space bigger and helps you keep a tab on your kids and enjoy your favourite show online while cooking.

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Top 5 open kitchen ideas in 2022 From Zawafi

Here are the best 5 open kitchen ideas :

  • White And Wooden Combination Open Kitchen With Dining Room Ideas
  • A Stylish Open Kitchen Design With Living And Dining Room
  • Spacious Open Kitchen Design With Dining Room
  • Multifunctional Island Counter Ideas In Open Kitchen Design
  • Large Open Kitchen Design With Dining Room

1. White And Wooden Combination Open Kitchen With Dining Room Ideas

This sleek kitchen features woodenly laminated that lend a warm vibe to the space, while the overhead white cabinets cur the monotony of the wood beautifully. The kitchen is designed with smart storage spaces like oil pullouts, drawers, and carousel units that keep your kitchen items and help you to keep a clutter-free setup. While the addition of an industrial style dining table along with buckets chairs adds a classy vibe to the space. The colour theme of the dining set matches perfectly with the wooden interiors. The big window beside the kitchen helps you with proper ventilation and lends natural lights to your open kitchen. This design can help you to spend time with your family while cooking and enjoying the meal together.

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2. A Stylish Open Kitchen Design With Living And Dining Room 

This layout is beautifully designed to blend the kitchen, living, and dining room seamlessly. The all-white kitchen adds an elegant vibe to the space, while the red velvet upholstery dining chairs fill the interior with vibrance. The round white table can easily accommodate six chairs without taking up much floor space while the white dining table perfectly match the kitchen design. The teal accent wall of the living room cuts the monotony of white and adds a vibrant look to the living room. If you want an open kitchen without partitions, then you can add some storage and display spaces and a heavy chimney that will help you keep your kitchen neat and clean. 

3. Spacious Open Kitchen Design With Dining Room

The open kitchen features blue laminated perfect for those people who love bold and dark colours in their homes. The long island counter with a white marble countertop provides ample space for cutting and chopping vegetables. While the beneath storage provides you spaces to keep your crockery neatly. The light wood six-seater dining table with round edges creates a contrasting effect with the interiors. The wooden flooring perfectly pairs with the dining table and lends a warm vibe, while the cushion padding on the chairs and the floor rugs enhance the comfort of the space.  

4. Multifunctional Island Counter Ideas In Open Kitchen Design 

This open kitchen with a dining room is designed with a wooden island counter with magazine holders and two tall wooden chairs. The kitchen island is a multifunctional piece that can use for several notches. You can use it as a bar counter, or a breakfast counter. You can also install your sink and stove for your daily need. You can enjoy your coffee along with your favourite newspaper while preparing breakfast. The soothing colour scheme and woodwork add a trendy look to the kitchen and perfectly match the dining space. The clutter-free design, wooden accents, and rattan lampshades enhance the look of the space beautifully.

5. Large Open Kitchen Design With Dining Room

This modular kitchen has an old-world charm design, designed in wood and grey accents. The wooden flooring is perfectly paired with the design scheme and creates a warm and calming vibe. The handless overhead and base cabinets create a clutter-free look. While the appliances garage, oil pullouts, dustbin holder, and open shelves with backlighting help you keep your kitchens items in an organized manner. The wooden dining table addition allows you to enjoy the meal with your friends and family. The large window brings a fresh wind and natural light into your kitchen. The heavy-duty chimney helps keep your kitchen clean. 

We hope that all your queries related to a small open kitchen with a dining room or an open kitchen concept with a dining room end here. If you have any further issues or questions about an open kitchen along with a dining room, reach out and contact us. 

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