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Unique Wedding Décor Ideas At Home That Are Heart Touching 

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Unique Wedding Décor Ideas At Home That Are Heart Touching 

 Are you getting married soon and looking for unique wedding décor ideas? If so, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss a variety of different ways that you can decorate your home for your big day. These ideas are sure to touch your guests’ hearts and create a memorable wedding experience for everyone involved. Let’s get started!

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Best Heart Touching Wedding Ideas From Zawafi

Due to the current pandemic, it’s very difficult to get a great destination wedding, and it has become more of an intimate occasion. But thanks to us, we are here to discuss some stunning and unique decor ideas with you, we bring the vibe of your dream destination wedding into your home. From flora mandap and fun haldi set up to some eventful cocktail party decor, we have the entire decor ideas that bring your dreamy wedding to reality. 

Here are the 9 Wedding Décor Ideas for Heart Touching Weddings :

  • Entrance Way Highlights With Floral Decor And Lights
  • Host A Lavish Dinner In the Backyard Of Your Home
  • Living Room Decor For Wedding Setup
  • DIY Home Decor Ideas To Celebrate Pre-Wedding Function At Home
  • Make A Stylish Selfie Corner in Your Balcony At Your Home
  • A Classy Decor For Home Wedding Reception Or Wedding Anniversary Party
  • Registry Wedding Home Decor Idea In Your Balcony Area
  • Infuse A Splash Of Nature Into Your Wedding Décor
  • Mandap Decoration Ideas To Make Your Memorable Experience

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1. Entrance Way Highlights With Floral Decor And Lights

Flowers are always an essential part of the decor and are considered very auspicious for a wedding. So we bring a decor that uses fresh flowers and toran to decorate the entire foyer area. You can go with a minimalistic and simple decor setup. Place a Ganesha idol on the foyer unit as a symbol of happiness. We have used some unique Kalash decor, a floral Ganesha motif on the wall, and a floral rangoli on the floor. Here we set the foyer unit with a seating arrangement, shoe cabinet, and the pegboard wall with hangers to help keep your guest’s shoes or bags, etc. This entry decor is a unique one on its own. Make the four-unit a focal point of the decor. This decor grabs your guest’s attention and is also the right choice for small apartments.

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2. Host A Lavish Dinner In the Backyard Of Your Home

You can use the backyard or a patio for a wedding setup if you got lucky and have one in your home. You can use it as a grand affair. You can lat some wooden tables and benches and enjoy a wedding meal with your guests. In the backyard spread an artificial grass carpet on the floor and some wooden frames with creepers and flowers to decorate the backyard. Use some fairy lights, hanging lanterns, and table lamps to lighten the space and blend a warm vibe into the space. You can also go with a space-saving bar unit and tall chairs to celebrate the important day of your life with some wine.

3. Living Room Decor For Wedding Setup

Looking for a fancy reception set up for your friends? We have some good home wedding reception decoration ideas for you. They are perfect for young couples who like minimalistic and simple decor. Decorate your living room with silk curtains and with lamps and fairy lights. Place two tall lights and decorate them with flowers, bouquets, and gifts that you receive from your guests. You can add a bar unit as well with glass shutters and brewers beneath to showcase your wine collection. If you place this setup near a great window, decorate it with sheer curtains to bring in some natural lights. This design is simple yet elegant. If you want your 1st wedding anniversary decoration ideas at home.

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4. DIY Home Decor Ideas To Celebrate Pre-Wedding Function At Home

Pre-wedding function at home, that is eco friendly, What’s better than that. Opt for a green backdrop made of fresh banana leaves. You can easily make it at your home or get it made by your local florist. A trendy and environmental decor setup is in your home, which is highly sustainable. You can use marigolds and hanging bananas to decorate your valid backdrop. They are popular for adding a fresh vibe to your place. Place some low-lying yellow bench with hidden storage for seating setup. The yellow and green combination creates a striking contrast to your pre-wedding home decor. This entire setup will catch the attention of your guests. 

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5. Make A Stylish Selfie Corner in Your Balcony At Your Home

You can go viral on social media if you want to make amazing wedding pictures or videos, for that case you need to decorate a corner of your balcony as selfie soot. Create a cute and cosy selfie corner on your balcony. You can use some rattan backdrop on your accent wall, turf carpet on the floor, and highlights the entire space with fairy lights. You can choose for decoration a sheer white canopy, a futon, some floor cushions, and pillows. You can also add a rattan sofa for an additional seating arrangement. You can also add some intricate floral wall hangings, lampshades, floor lamps, and potted plants. Addition of a home bar unit that perfectly goes well with the entire decor and provides ample space to showcase your wine bottles.

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6. A Classy Decor For Home Wedding Reception Or Wedding Anniversary Party

Looking for an elegant home wedding reception and confused about where to start? Worry not! This home wedding reception decoration idea will sweep you off your feet. The purple hue in the picture creates a striking contrast against the yellow patterned wallpaper. It brings a chic vibe to your wedding decor. The addition of a classic cabriole sofa with golden panels, golden candle stands, and a huge vase along with a golden accent creates a luxurious vibe to your home reception decor. You can add a carpet and mirrors with golden frames to stitch the look together. The mirrors reflect the lights(we all know that) and highlight the purple backdrop. 

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7. Registry Wedding Hime Decor Idea In Your Balcony Area

If you are modern and far away from pomp, show typing wedding setup, and avoid it. And looking for a simple wedding and keep it a close-knit affair, this one fuss-free decor is for you. Make your balcony design functional by adding a small modular sofa with comfortable cushions, a side bench with hidden storage, and a balcony unit with open storage to showcase your decor elements. Add a rattan coffee table for your registry ceremony. 

Add some fairy lights, sheer curtains,  and floral borders to decorate the backdrop that will lend a subtle vibe. For a greenery look, use some hanging planetary, and an artificial grass carpet. 

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8. Infuse A Splash Of Nature Into Your Wedding Décor

This décor idea is elegant and clutter-free and the perfect choice for any wedding-related event at home, whether it Haldi, Mehandi, engagement, Roka or even to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary, goes well for all functions. The swing adds a fun and quirky element to the décor while lending a subtle traditional vibe. you can also use natural décor like jasmine flowers, a turfgrass backdrop accessorized with orchids, roses, and other fresh flowers. You can add four potted banana plants at the four corners of the stage to lend a tropical vibe to your home. You can add a light peach floor carpet to cut the monotony of green and lend a comfortable vibe to the entire space.

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9. Mandap Decoration Ideas To Make Your Memorable Experience 

If you are planning a small phera ceremony in your living room, this design is for you. You can use some floral patterned wallpaper on your accent wall, a minimalist backdrop with satin curtains, some fresh flowers and leaves, and some wreaths for decoration. Place a haven Kund and some pouffes where the bride and groom sit and follow the rituals. For a natural look added some indoor plants and low-lying benches for your friends and relative. For beauty purposes, you can add yellow and white floral patterned wallpaper and fairy lights. yellow creates a striking contrast with the green backdrop. This decoration is for you if you are looking for some authentic Indian wedding decorations ideas at home. This setup allows you to enjoy the wedding in the purest form.   

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