Vintage Style Living Room To Charm Your Home

Welcome Old-World Charm To Your Home With A Vintage-Style Living Room

In any home, the living room is the most concentrated place. It is the place where we end up spending most of our quality time like enjoying movie nights with family or entertaining our guests, and spending some quality time with our kids after a long day of work.

The living room help in the mood-setting of your home and makes it a spacious one. Here we prefer that the vintage style is the best way to bring an old-world charm to your living room and lend a welcoming vibe.

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The best Vintage Style Living Room Ideas Suggested by Zawafi

But when we match the vintage design aesthetics to the modern home, it can be a difficult task. If don’t go with precision, vintage design elements can look cramped and heavy to the eye. So we think that it is a necessity to reveal some unique vintage-style home interiors that will blend seamlessly with your modern home.

Here are the 6 Living Room Ideas to Charm your Home :

  • A Classy Living Room With A Chesterfield Sofa
  • A Perfect Combination Of Modern And Vintage Style
  • A Marble Flooring Vintage Style Living Room
  • A Cheerful Living Room With Vibrant Colours
  • Vintage Living Room Furniture For Ample Storage
  • A Modern Vintage Decor Living Room Style

1. A Classy Living Room With A Chesterfield Sofa

Leather is known as a luxurious element that adds a luxury vibe to the space and reveals a vintage aura to your modern home. The intricate wallpaper, golden panelling, and furniture add to the design aesthetics. The addition of some vintage living room decor elements like the old-fashioned rotary dial telephone accentuates the living room design. The double-sided chesterfield sofa and side table enhance the look and provide seating space while being the focal point of the living space. You can also add some vintage living room lamps to illuminate the space.

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2. A Perfect Combination Of Modern And Vintage Style

This vintage eclectic living room has possess a perfect mix of traditional and modern styles. The classy dining table along with leather upholstered chairs bring an old-world charm vibe. The sliding jali partition and the wooden flooring complement the space beautifully. If you want to add a modern touch to the area, you go with a compact sofa and a beautiful sputnik chandelier. The warm colours on the wall enhance the entire design but are aware of having wide windows, ample lights, and a white ceiling to compensate for the dark wall colours. Use some floor-to-ceiling vintage curtains for the living room to stitch the look together.

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3. A Marble Flooring Vintage Style Living Room

This stylish living room features leather upholstered queen chairs, a sofa, and marble flooring that lends a plush vibe to the space. We add a wooden false ceiling with spotlights to illuminate the area. You can also decorate your walls with leather panelling, mirrors, and some decorous wallpaper to add to the beauty of the space. Place some vintage living room lights and floor lamps beside to complete the look. The mirror adds sophisticated and vintage style to your living room.

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4. A Cheerful Living Room With Vibrant Colours

Do not hesitate to choose some vibrant colours when designing your vintage living room. The yellow accent chair and indoor plants are perfectly matched a bohemian vintage living room. You can also use some antique furniture with cabriole legs to enhance the vintage vibe. Place some antique decor elements on vintage side tables like a gramophone and records to accentuate the vintage look of the space.

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5. Vintage Living Room Furniture For Ample Storage

The best way to decorate a vintage house living room is to add wooden rafters on the ceiling. This adds warmth to your home as well as a vintage touch. You can use some wooden side tables, a sofa with curved legs, and wooden doors to take your vintage design game to the next level. Arched windows with glass panels, tall indoor plants, and decorous lighting ideas add to the beauty of the space.

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6. A Modern Vintage Decor Living Room Style

if you are looking for some exciting vintage wall decor ideas for your living room. This design is for you. We have an excellent design that lends a modern vintage look to your living room. This Indian arch in the living room will help add a vintage touch without compromising on the functionality of the modern design sensibilities. You can go with a brick cladding wall and also use some space-saving modular furniture to create an eclectic vintage look. Place some antique table lamps, a floor rug, and sheer curtains to add to the comfort quotient.

We hope that you like our vintage home décor ideas that add a vibrant look to your décor and along with a modern or traditional set up a gorgeous home is ready for you. Go ahead and try one unique design for your home that reveals your personality.   

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