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Wall Sconces light ideas for home décor 

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Wall Sconces light ideas for home décor 

Lights play an important role to give bright look to your home interiors. The wall lights or wall sconces are mostly the same, but the only difference about the sconces is that it is covered with glass. The contemporary lights get popular with time and every day new varieties of lights pop on the market. 

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Beat Lighting Ideas for Decorating From Zawafi

With a large variety, choose the right light sconces for your home that perfectly match your interiors. So we bring you some unique light sconces ideas that bring beauty to your interiors and fit your design sensibilities. So let us begin and explore wall sconce lighting ideas   

Here are the 6 home décor ideas :

  • Designer Wall Sconces Lighting Ideas
  • Illuminate Your Industrial Style Balcony
  • Wall Metal Sconces Lighting Designs
  • Add Some Old Charm Vibe To Your Bathroom
  • Royal Lighting Wall Sconces To Add A Festive Vibe
  • Wall Balcony Down Lights To Bring Focus To The Vertical Garden In Balcony

1. Designer Wall Sconces Lighting Ideas 

Wall-to-ceiling sconces brighten bright up your wall and add a statement to an accent wall. They set the mood of the house. These lights give a personal touch to your home interiors and enhance the beauty of your home. You can use it on the stone cladding accent wall, textured wallpaper, or 3D wallpaper as well. You can also pair it with cove lights or spotlights on false ceilings to enhance the vintage look of your living space.

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2. Illuminate Your Industrial Style Balcony 

This balcony is designed with a brick accent wall and is a perfect place to unwind and relax amidst nature while staying indoors. The upward wall-mounted accent lighting wall sconce adds to the balcony, and enhances the look without stealing the focus of your accent wall. You can add a wall-mounted shelf into the accent with LED backlights to display your showpieces. We added a low-lying bench beneath storage so you should enjoy your amazing time with friends and family.

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3. Wall Metal Sconces Lighting Designs 

Golden accents increase the beauty of any space and lend a luxurious vibe. So if you are looking for a luxurious vibe, this design is for you. The beautiful pair of cylindrical metal wall sconces on either side of the mirror adds dazzle to your bathroom interiors. You can design your bathroom wall in sangria red and white to illuminate the space beautifully. Also, the red and white theme goes well with metal sconces. Use golden fitting to match the design and complete the look.

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4. Add Some Old Charm Vibe To Your Bathroom   

The minimalist design came with clean lines, sensibilities, and a retro scheme, perfect for a small bathroom with limited space. The blue and white theme creates a striking contrast while creating an illusion of a bigger space. You can also add a large mirror to enhance the light sconces effect. We add a glass partition to add to the spacious look. Go for hanging wall sconce light with basic Edison bulbs. They are simple, perfect, and lend an old-world charm to the bathroom interiors.

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5. Royal Lighting Wall Sconces To Add A Festive Vibe

If you are looking for some festive wall lighting ideas, these metal wall sconces light will bring an alluring brightness and create a charming appeal to your home decor. You can use these lights on your accent wall or use them as an access light to bring focus to wall hangings like artwork, painting, etc. You can place oil lamps, fairy lights, and fresh flower garlands to complete the festive look. 

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6. Wall Balcony Down Lights To Bring Focus To The Vertical Garden In Balcony 

You can use access lighting wall sconces indoor and outdoor to bring focus on a particular décor item of your home. Here we have a turfgrass wall on the balcony and an access lighting wall sconce to focus on a painting on that wall of the balcony. These lights are attractive to the eye, classy, and also high on efficiency. You can also use them as ambient lights to enjoy an evening party with friends and family. 

Go design your home with the best wall sconce lightings that match your home interiors and bring a clutter-free look to your décor.   

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