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6 Smart Ways to Maintain Your Villa

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6 Smart Ways to Maintain Your Villa

Keeping your villa in good condition has many benefits, including keeping it looking beautiful, protecting your investment, and increasing its value over time. 

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The Best 6 Ways to Maintain Your Villa

Here are six smart ways to maintain your villa that you may not have thought of before

  • Put an inventory system in place
  • Schedule regular inspections
  • Put together a cleaning kit
  • Use these cleaning hacks
  • Try to stay organized
  • Go green while keeping your home clean

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Put an inventory system in place

Make a list of all appliances, furniture, and other valuable possessions in your villa. Take pictures of each item with your smartphone or camera and upload them to a shared cloud drive like Dropbox. This way you can access them from anywhere without having to lug around photo albums or boxes of receipts. Having an inventory also helps protect your investment if you’re ever forced to file a claim for stolen or damaged items. This will save time and money when it comes time for repairs and maintenance. If you’re worried about someone breaking into your home while you’re away, invest in a security system that alerts neighbors or authorities when doors are opened, windows are broken, etc.

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Schedule regular inspections

One of your smartest ways to maintain your villa is by scheduling regular inspections, which will allow you to catch any issues early on. During these inspections, keep an eye out for small cracks in walls or windowsills and loose plaster. If you notice water spots, mold, peeling paint or obvious damage, you might want to get a professional involved right away. You’ll have several options depending on how extensive repairs are required; contractors who specialize in building villas can handle everything from replacing damaged drywall and resurfacing pools, while those focused on home renovations can repair toilets and sinks. Regardless of what kind of professional you choose, be sure they’re licensed and insured if they’re going to do work at your villa.

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Put together a cleaning kit

Having a cleaning kit on hand is a good way to start keeping your villa spotless. The cleaning kit can include some of your favorite items that make housework easier, as well as cleaners you use regularly. As part of your regular upkeep, take some time each week or month to complete tasks like washing windows and wiping down countertops. On a seasonal basis, give deeper cleanings of high-traffic areas such as kitchen sinks and bathrooms once or twice a year. Schedule these chores for times when you’re least likely to be home—for example, on a Saturday morning or when everyone else is out for work or school all day. A few hours with elbow grease will have your home looking brand new in no time!

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Use these cleaning hacks

Its summer, and that means a lot of time spent on your villa’s porch or backyard. Whether you have a family-friendly vacation home or an adult getaway, keeping your outdoor living spaces clean isn’t as easy as it might seem. We rounded up six smart cleaning hacks to help make things easier. All you need is some water, dish soap, and elbow grease.

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Try to stay organized

In order to maintain your villa perfectly, it’s important to try to stay organized. The more clutter you have lying around, for example, will only lead to a messier and harder-to-maintain environment. De-cluttering and staying organized are two keys for maintaining your villa as well as keeping everything in good condition. It also makes it much easier when it comes time for cleanings and special upkeep needs. If you can’t always be there in person (such as on vacation), then try scheduling regular cleanings with an expert team who knows how best to keep your home in tip-top shape between visits.

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Go green while keeping your home clean

When you think of green cleaning products, you may think of a dark bottle with a light green fluid inside. This is good news for those who want to go green but also want their home clean and smell fresh. One way you can do it is by making your own cleaning solution with common household ingredients. Mix two tablespoons each of white vinegar, lemon juice, and rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl). Fill a spray bottle with one cup of water and shake well before using on surfaces in need of an extra boost. The alcohol helps disinfect while leaving behind no chemical residue or funky odor once it dries. You can use plain white vinegar if you don’t mind a vinegary smell.

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I hope these tips help you maintain your villas in a smart way! If you’re interested in getting more ideas, check out our previous post: 10 of The Best Ways to Maintain Your Villa. Good luck, and let us know if you have any specific questions about maintaining your villas.

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